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Changelog for the new released patch for Eastern Front. More extense than any other changelog posted at this moment, but it's worthy to read :).

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Eastern Front Patch 1.50


Repaired Up Beyond All Recognition

* Fixed the Red Tide not playing.
* Added Victory and Defeat music to Soviets.

Eastern Front Maps:
* Removed the mortar bunker from Minsk.
* Fixed an issue with a forward HQ on Seelow.
* Fixed missing Hinderdam description.
* Fixed missing Battle of Mahiljou description.
* Position of the Headquartes on Prokhorovka have been altered.
* Added new weather settings to Prokhorovka.
* Sector layout from Prokhorovka been redrawn.
* Wrecks on "Battle of Mahiljou" replaced.
* Fixed Scar Error on Leningrad.
* Map design has been slightly optimized on Zhytomyr.
* Added new weather settings to Zhytomyr.
* Performance on Zhytomyr has been slightly improved.
* Sector layout from Zhytomyrhas been redrawn.
* Small changes to Kursk (Deleted wire and some objects in Base 3, fixed pathfinding of one trench system)
* Added [EF] Karachev (2) by Sylver
* Added [EF] Lemberg (4) by MaxiKing6
* Added [EF] Stalingrad Railroad Station (4) by BurroDiablo
* Added [EF] Kalach (6) by cephalos

Relic Maps:
* Missing minimaps and loading screens for Steel Pact and Carpiquet.
* "Carpiquet(2)" minimap fixed
* "Flooded Plains(2)" minimap aspect ratio fixed
* "Rails & Metal(4)" minimap aspect ratio fixed
* "Steel Pact(8)" minimap fixed
* "Duclair(2)" new relic style minimap
* "Egletons(2)" new relic style minimap

Bug Fixes and Art Changes:
* Fixed various issues with RMC and vanilla commonwealth relating to sectors.
* Fixed Czech locale being Russian locale.
* Added Lethal Dossage's criticals fix.
* Added vehicle cover to Soviet and RMC vehicles that didn't already have it.
* Fixed an issue where vanilla M7 Priest tracks weren't animated.
* Added vehicle cover to Soviet and RMC vehicles/tanks that didn't have it.
* Picked up Bren Light Machine Guns are now visible.
* Fixed an issue with the gun carriage for sherman top MG.
* Fixed description of Sherman 105 Bulldozer's upgrade.
* Fixed a bug Sherman M4 105 can use defensive smoke without being researched.
* Rename upgunned Sherman to avoid confusion of two tanks named "Jumbo". Doctrinal replacement unit stays as Jumbo.
* Fixed Sherman Jumbo wrong weapon upgrade reference.
* Fixed Sherman 105's smoke ability working even if it's main gun is disabled.
* Fixed an issue where recon sections could build trenches in EF. This was a Relic Change in 2.602.
* Fixed a bug that caused double clicking on Stuart or Staghound selected both of them.
* Fixed missing SAS glider call-in to Reinforcement HQ Truck (RMC).
* Achilles has a new build icon (RMC).
* Fixed an issue where starting Sapper squad had 5 members instead of 4 (RMC).
* Updated the models of the SAS Jeeps (RMC).
* Tank Hunters and Mortar Teams now has new unit icons and portraits.
* Upgraded Mortar and ZiS-2 Weapons now have a 4th member when recrewed.
* Fixed a bug with the Sniper Ace where you could instantly recharge the Artillery ability by using the suppression shot.
* Fixed a visual bug relating grenadiers under certain circumstances picking up PTRD.
* Fixed a visual bug with Naval infantry using PTRD-41 in low graphic settings.
* Naval Infantry now has a new call-in icon.
* Fixed the off-map soviet reinforcements.
* Fixed an issue with SU-122 model that makes the game crash.
* Allowing XP numbers to always be visible even after unlocking everything in Doctrine (1.4 change, just added here for some record of it).
* Added a new icon to IS-3 call-in.
* Removed the hardcap of partisans.
* Fixed an issue with Soviet and British base MG crew leaving the MG nest and running around (AI Change only).
* Fixed the range of smoke ability from Soviet mortars.
* Fixed an issue where Medic Truck would stop randomly to heal infantry.
* Fixed Firebase bug that allowed to build more than one at time.
* Fixed veterancy for KV-1 and KV-85.
* Fixed a visual bug when Sturmovie ingenery captured a heavy weapon, the mine detector would become a DP-28.
* Fixed bug with ZiS-2 and Soviet Mortar Teams sometimes have a lone survivor when the gun is destroyed.
* Fixed a bug where Sturmovie ingenery couldn't detect & sweep mines correctly.
* Guards are properly suppressible now until they get veterancy 1.
* Fixed a bug where retreat to Medic truck would block an ability for Partisans.
* Removed camouflage if active while retreating for Partisans.
* Soviet abilities that throws items (such as Molotovs) are now disabled if the squad is pinned, similar to the other faction.
* Fixed a bug with wrecks for SU-76, KV-1, KV-85, IS-3.
* Removed recover vehicle lines from soviet tanks/vehicles.
* Sharpshooter Team now retreats properly when Observe mode is active.
* Fixed description of SU-122 ability.
* Fixed Tank Riders ability not display population required.
* Katyusha can no longer crush infantry.
* SU-76 can now properly crush light stuff.
* Fixed a bug where soviets when recrewing mortars and anti-tank guns would not gain soviet veterancy bonuses.
* Fixed visual issues when soviets was recrewing CW Mortar Emplacement and CW Mortar.
* Fixed the icon of the Tiger Ace.
* Fixed the wreck of the Tiger Ace.
* Fixed to cost of StuH cost to match 2.602.
* Fixed an issue with Stormtrooper cloak icon being a bit wrong.
* Fixed the green turret bug on Tiger Ace.
* Fixed issue with panzer elite recrewing an Wehrmacht pak38.
* Removed hidden gunner from Geschutzwagen, it now appears when veterancy 2 is earned, like it should.
* Fixed Geschutzwagen wrong reload modifier at veterancy 3.
* Fixed an issue with Jagdpanzer IV's hull MG that didn't have any firing sound.
* Fixed the firing sound of Nashorn.
* Jagdpanzer IV now properly gains the bonuses from APCR from Tank Hunters Tactics.
* Fixed an issue where Jagdpanzer could skid sideways and backwards.
* Fixed an issue where Nashorn's ability works even if it's main gun is destroyed.
* Set the Nashorn's hardcap to 4, previously it had a wrong requirement.
* Fixed description of the Nashorn/Flak 88 on doctrines panel.
* Removed double camouflage abilities from Ketten.
* Fixed a bug where you would get a squad when Jagdpanther died.
* Fixed a bug with the booby trap ability for panzer elite.
* Possible solution to the Vanilla bug of butterfly bombs flares smoke.
* Added criticals for upgunned Jagdpanzer IV.

Balance Changes

Command Squad
* Set veterancy requirements for the Commissar Squad to 6/14/36.
* Added initial recharge to arty barrage of 60s.
* Added a manpower upkeep reduction of 12% per veterancy level.
* Removed Molotovs.
* Gain an extra 10 health after Sturmovie upgrade is purchased.
* Cost of satchel charge set to 35 munition.
* Added cooldown modifier of 0.75 at veterancy 2.
Sturmovie Ingenery
* Satchel charges cost set to 35 munition.
* Added Negative Zeal to Sturmovie blobs (1.10 received dmg) with a radius of 15.
* Added new custom armour type for Sturmovie Ingenery based on Soldier armour.
* Sturmovie accuracy on the move set to 0.5.
* Sturmovie Ingenery received_suppression set to 0.8.
* Increased munitions cost by 10.
* Removed munitions cost from reinforcements.
* Added cooldown modifier of 0.75 at veterancy 2.
* Added munitions upkeep.

Soviet Mustering Tent
* Veterancy bonuses removed.
* Cost reduced to 220 manpower.
* Reinforcement cost decreased by 2 manpower for each support upgrade researched.
* Red Banner Strelky now affects units on the field and "Red Banner Strelky" buildable unit removed.
* RBS now lowers Strelky's reinforcement cost from 22 manpower to 18 manpower.
* Lowered cost of DP-28 and PPSh packages to 60 munition each.
* Veterancy 3 requirements set to 24xp.
* Pickup slots set to 6.
Guards/Shock Guards
* Reduced guards to 4 man squad.
* Increased Guards HP from 90 to 100.
* Reinforcement cost of Guards increased to 45 manpower.
* Pickup slots set to 4.
* Shock Guard upgrade now completely affects units in the field and "Shock Guard" buildable unit removed.
* Shock Guard upgrade now gives them a DP-28 and anti-tank grenades.
* SVT upgrade now give three rifles and cost set to 60 munition.
* Changed anti-tank grenades from guards to the upgraded version of TH.
* Added triple PPS-43 package to guards for 60 munition, available after Shock Guards have been researched.

Soviet Support Barracks
Sharpshooter Team
Removed and replaced by Sharpshooter, full design characteristics:
- Base unit - Sharpshooter(140 manpower 20 secs)
-> Has auto-cover cloak.
-> Wields high damage mosin-nagant rifle. Same stats as normal mosin-nagant but damage set at 30.
-> Has airborne armour.
- Upgrade option 1 - Sniper(200 manpower 40 secs)
-> Changes weapon stats to SVT sniper rifle.
-> Gains standard cloak.
-> Has sniper armour.
- Upgrade option 2 - Observer Team (80 manpower 30 munition 40 secs)
-> Adds extra man to the squad.
-> Adds the abilities: Observer mode, sniper arty and mark target.
-> Has airborne armour.
* Capture rate set to 0.5.
* Reduced damage against buildings of the Sniper Artillery.
* Observer mode now immobilizes both members.
* Arty now has a cost of 125 munition per use.
* Reinforcement time set to 20 seconds.
* Reinforcement cost set to 80 manpower.
* Soviet SVT Sniper's rate of fire now matches US sniper.
Tank Hunters
* Reduced anti-tank grenades damage against buildings.
* Increased Health of Tank Hunter anti-tank mine from 20 to 100.
* Anti-tank mines now only available after men against tanks is purchased.
* Added mines as ability and deleted build menu from Tank Hunters.
ZiS-2 & Upgraded ZiS-2
* Added Hulldown ability with the following modifiers:
- received_damage_modifier -> x0.75 (-25%)
- sight_radius_modifier-> +5
- weapon_penetration_modifier -> x1.35 (+35%)
- Needs 4 secs to fire after Dig-in is enabled/disabled.
- Available after researching Gunnery Veterans.
Heavy Mortar
* Halved damage versus snipers.
* Reduced range to 100.
* Reduced health of gunners from 55hp each to 42hp each.
* Increased healing area to 25.

Tank Hall
* Added reinforcement radius for Tank Hall.
* Decreased Heavy Tankovy upgrade cost by 5 fuel.
KV-1 | KV-85
* KV-1 & KV-85 moving stats set to:
- acceleration 1.5 to 1.6
- deceleration 3.5 to 3.6
- speed max set to 4
* Increased KV-1 cost by 10 fuel.
* Changed KV-85 85mm gun stats:
- AoE damage: 1/1/0.25/0.15.
- AoE distance: 0.5 / 0.75 / 1.5 / 1.5
- Moving accuracy: 0.65
* SU-85 rotation rate reduced from 35 to 30.
* Reduced SU-85 damage modifier vs marder 3 armour from 1.5 to 1.
* Added cage armour upgrade for 75 munition.
* Reduced dmg from T-70 against Marder 3, Sdkfz. 22x, Sdkfz. 250 and Sdkfz. 251.
* Increased moving acc. of T-70.
* Increased pop cost of T-70/T-90 to 4.
T-34/76 | T-34/85
* Add 20 manpower to each T-34 cost (360 manpower and 400 manpower)
* Changed T-34/85 gun stats:
- AoE distance: 0.5 / 0.75 / 1.5 / 1.5
- Moving accuracy: 0.65
* Increased IS-2 pop cost to 12.
* Set IS-2's deflection damage to 0.25.

Breakthrough Strategy
* Set the CP cost of RHS Breakthrough to 1-3-5.
* Set the CP cost of LHS Breakthrough to 1-4-3.
* Swapped mechanics and SU-76.
* Barrage ability gets a recharge bonus of 5s for each veterancy level.
* Added initial recharge to arty barrage of 90s.
* Removed munitions cost from the ability.
* Cooldown tripled.
* Rotation speed set to 30.
* Cost reduced to 260 manpower.
* Can now build basic defenses.
Tank Guards
* Health of Tank Guards increased to 100HP.
Doctrinal T-34/85
* Increased pop cost to 8 to match normal one.
* Reduced accuracy against all infantry based targets for IL-2 strafe by 40%.
* Increased IL-2 rocket damage from 50/30 to 75 flat.
* Increased IL-2 rocket deflection damage from 0.1 to 1.
* Increased IL-2 cooldown by 1 minute.
* Increased IS-3 health to 1250HP.
* Cost of IS-3 lowered to 800 manpower.
* Increased IS-3 pop cost to 12.

Propaganda War Strategy
* LHS changed to 3-2-2.
* RHS changed to 1-3-4.
* Replaced ZiS-3 emplacement with 76 mm OBR 1927.
Red Tide
* Recharge time of Red Tide set to 250.
* Max squads recovered set to 5.
God of War
* GoW now has a target circle on the minimap visible by friendly and enemy alike.
* God of War cost set to 175 munition.
* God of War now has yellow smoke.
Not One Step Back
* Made NOSB reduce movement speed to 1. Increased damage dealt by affected squads to 1.2
* Katyushas veterancy 1 bonus now set to 1.15 speed.
* Katyushas get a recharge bonus of 5s for the barrage ability at each veterancy level.
* Cost reduced to 330 manpower.
Naval infantry
* Tuned down Naval Infantry veterancy.
* Split Heavy Weapons pack into separate PTRD-41 and DP-28 upgrades.
* Each is mutually exclusive, grants 1 weapon per purchase and can be purchased twice.
* Set cost of 50 munition for each one.
* DP-28 cannot be fired while moving anymore.
* Reduced squad size of Naval Infantry from 6 to 5.
* Set health to 55hp per man.
* Can now build sandbags and barbed wire.
76mm M1927
* Replaces ZiS-3 as buildable emplacement in propaganda doctrine.
* Weapon stats similar to StuH.
* Cost 360 manpower 55 fuel.
* Build time of 90 secs.
* Range of 90.

Urban Combat Strategy
* RHS changed to 2-2-3.
For the Motherland
* Conscripts can be upgraded with full rifles for 50 munition per squad.
* Added Flare to replace booby traps as the second ability of RHS
* Flare's dmg modifier set to 1.15 over the selected area.
* Flare has a duration of 45secs and a cooldown of 160secs.
* Flare action radius set to 30.
* Partisan armour set to Airborne.
* Partisan's Booby trap ability replaced by Incendiary mine.
* Partisan's veterancy 1 bonus set to 0.85 received damage.
* Cost of demo charge set to 35 munition, cooldown reduced to 60s.
* SU-122 dmg modifiers tuned down vs armor.
Sniper Ace
* Sniper Ace now gets slow health regeneration and suppressing shot at veterancy 1; 0.75 cooldown and one man army at veterancy 2; 1.5 damage, 0.7 received accuracy and arty at veterancy 3.
* Sniper Ace cooldown increased from 5/3 to 5/5.
* Disabled Sniper Ace arty while using smoke.
* Disabled Sniper Ace smoke while using arty.
* One Man Army has now the following stats:
- x1.25 rec dmg
- x1.3 rec acc
- x0.5 cooldown
- x0.7 range
- x0.5 reload
- duration set to 10s
- recharge increased to 10s
* Sniper Ace arty cooldown set to 150s.
* Tuned down damage versus tanks.
Street Fighting
* Adds incendiary mortar barrage to Soviet mortar (35 munition for 2 shots).
* Adds 10 more health to Ingenery.
* Adds white phosphorus grenades to Strelky (15 munition).

Other Stuff
* Generally increased Soviet infantry upkeep.
* Soviet Backup set to 2 Ingenery Squads, 1 Strelky Squad and 1 Guard Squad.
* Changed hotkeys for Support Barracks (S), Mustering Tent (M), Outpost(O), MG Dugout(D), Armoury(A), Firebase(F), KV1(S), KV85(T) and 76mm M1927 OBR(B).
* Soviet tanks now have their own target tables.
* PE Sdkfz. 250 based units have their own target table.
* Reworked requirements for soviet normal infantry, support teams and tanks.
- ZiS-2 and Mortar Team requires their respective range support upgrade and the mustering tent being built at least once.
- Light tanks require light tankovy upgrade and mustering tent.
- Heavy tanks need heavy tankovy only.
- IS-2 needs all 4 tech upgrades only.
- Mustering Tent made one-time requirement.
* Changed veterancy the following units provide when killed:
- Conscripts - 0.5
- Guard - 3
- Tank Guard - 3
- ZiS-5 - 5
- T-34/85 - 12
- KV-85 - 14
- ISU-152 - 18
- Sniper Ace - 6
- IS-3 - 24
- Tiger Ace - 24
- Sharpshooter - 3
- ZiS-3 - 3
The Armoury
* Set armoury to provide 10% manpower & 2% munition upkeep reduction while it's alive.
* Removed +2 munition starting bonus.
* Added upgrade to lower Soviet manpower upkeep by 30% to the armoury(150 manpower 30 munition 60 fuel).
* Molotov recharge set to two minutes.
* Molotov research time set to 45 seconds.
* Molotov range reduced (20 to 13).
* Molotov cost changed to 100 manpower 50 munition.
* Molotov upgrade moved to Mustering Tent.
* Molotov initial explosion toned down.
* Molotov damage against soldier armour toned down.
* Men Against Tanks cost set to 90 munition 50 fuel.
* Red Flag upgrade cost set to 80 munition 60 fuel.
* Shock Guard upgrade cost set to 75 munition 40 fuel.
* Sturmovie Ingenery upgrade cost set to 65 munition 25 fuel.
* Heavy Mortar upgrade cost set to 80 munition 35 fuel.
* Set M-30 build time to 90s (from 120s, 25% less than before).
* Firebase gets a received dmg. modifier of 0.8 at veterancy 1.
* Firebase gets accuracy bonus modifier of 1.1 at veterancy 2.
* Firebase gets a recharge bonus of 5s for the barrage ability at each veterancy level.
Infantry Weapons
* Strelky PPSh modifiers now match Sten against soldier armour (0.75 acc/0.5 dmg).
* Shock Guards' DP-28 is not droppable any more.
* Tuned down DP-28 against soldier armour.
* DP-28 now has the same suppression values as Bren LMG.
* Decreased suppression values of conscripts and Ingenery rifles.
* Lowered criticals from soviet pistol against tp_infantry.
* Tuned down Sturmovie PPSh against elite armour.
* Tuned down Guard SVT against soldier armour.
* Modified penetration values against PE:
- Conscript rifle
vs Marder3 0.05 --> 0.04
251 HTs 0.1 --> 0.08
250 HTs 0.4 --> 0.35
22x ACs 0.4 --> 0.35
- Mosin_Nagant
vs Marder3 0.05 --> 0.04
251 HTs 0.1 --> 0.08
250 HTs 0.4 --> 0.3
22x ACs 0.4 --> 0.3
* Modified damage values against PE:
- Mosin_Nagant
vs 250 HTs 1 --> 0.8
- Sturmovie PPSh
vs Soldier 0.6 --> 0.55
Sdkfz 250 0.45 --> 0.35
Sdkfz 22x 0.45 -> 0.35
Tiger Ace
* Range of Tiger Ace shot set to 70.
* Cost of Tiger Ace shot set to 30 munition.
* Cooldown of Tiger Ace shot set to 45 sec.
* Added a received penetration modifier of 0.8 to Ace.
* StuG dmg modifier against SU-85 lowered from 1.5 to 1 and Caged SU-85 from 1.35 to 0.85.
Marder III
* Increased dmg modifier against T-70/T-90 from 0.75 to 1.
* Increased penetration modifier against T-34s to match Sherman.
* Removed AP shells from Achilles but given Sherman Firefly bonus when CCT is near.
* Reduced accuracy by 0.05 against infantry targets.
Jagdpanzer IV
* Cost increased to 650 manpower.
* Increased damage and penetration versus T70 armour.

Veterancy of the new units:
76mm M1927 OBR
* Veterancy 1 (8XP): received_accuracy_modifier -> x0.8
* Veterancy 2 (16XP): range_weapon_modifier -> +20
* Veterancy 3 (32XP): damage_weapon_modifier -> x1.15
* Veterancy 1 (10XP): accuracy_weapon_modifier -> x1.2
* Veterancy 2 (20XP): range_weapon_modifier -> x1.15
* Veterancy 3 (40XP): damage_weapon_modifier -> x1.5
* Veterancy 1 (8XP): accuracy_weapon_modifier -> x1.2
* Veterancy 2 (16XP): range_weapon_modifier -> x1.15
* Veterancy 3 (32XP): damage_weapon_modifier -> x1.2
* Veterancy 1 (14XP): accuracy_weapon_modifier -> x1.2
* Veterancy 2 (28XP): weapon_penetration_modifier -> x1.2
* Veterancy 3 (42XP): range_weapon_modifier -> x1.15
* Veterancy 1 (14XP): accuracy_weapon_modifier -> x1.2
* Veterancy 2 (28XP): weapon_penetration_modifier -> x1.2
* Veterancy 3 (42XP): range_weapon_modifier -> x1.15
Naval Infantry
* Veterancy 1 (7XP): received_accuracy_modifier -> x0.8
* Veterancy 2 (14XP): accuracy_weapon_modifier -> x1.2
* Veterancy 3 (28XP): damage_weapon_modifier -> x1.2

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