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Changelog for the new released patch for Eastern Front. Quite extense, but it's worthy to read :).

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Eastern Front Patch 1.40

'Rise of the Aces!'

* Completely revamped AI. For detailed changes, read below.
* Some pieces of our OST have been replaced or updated. General quality of our OST has also been updated.
* Due to some production pipe line faults, some things in the changelog may be incorrect and there may be things missing in the changelog. Sorry about that :<

* Eastern Front is now up to date with all balance changes from 2.602.

* Redesigned Propaganda Strategy.
- Left Hand Side now looks like this:
- - Naval Infantry (2 CP)
- - - Call in a squad of elite Naval Infantry
- - The Red Tide (2 CP)
- - - Same as before
- - Stalin Organ
- - - Same as before
- Right Hand Side now looks like this:
- - Not One Step Back!
- - - Same as before
- - ZiS-3
- - - Ingenery can now Build ZiS-3 emplacements
- - God of War
- - - New and more lovely then before, known internally as God of War 2.0
* Removed Trenches from Soviets.
* Soviet MG-Nests can now be built by Ingenery without an upgrade.
* SU-85 Changes
- Hitpoints set to 420
- Armour changed to 'Sherman'
- Main gun now based on the M10 with the following changes:
- - Penetration modifier vs Tiger/Panther/Stug/Jagdpanther/ set at 0.7.
- - Damage modifier vs Marder armour set at 1.5.
- - Accuracy modifier vs puma set at 1.2.
- Received accuracy set at 0.8.
- Fuel cost dropped to 55.
* Guards changes
- Guards now come equipped with 'Guard Mosins'.
- Guards can now be upgraded to have 4 SVT-40s for 75 munitions.
- Guards global upgrade gives equipment as normal, but now a DP-28 gunner is added.
- Upkeep to now matches rangers.
- Remove slowdown ability for shock guards.
- Shock Guard upgrade cost set to 25 fuel.
* Added SU-122 as reward unit for KV-2
- SU-122 has the following changes:
- - Hitpoints set to 400.
- - Armour changed to 'Hetzer'.
- - Gun is similar to the KV-2 except toned down a bit but fires faster.
* KV-1 and KV-85 act as one single reward replacing T34/76 and T34/85 (not call ins)
- KV-1 matches Churchill with the following changes:
- - Cost set at 410 manpower 70 fuel.
- - Speed set at 3.5.
- - Received damage set at 0.85.
- - Gun changed to match the Sherman 75.
- - Build time set to 50.
- - Accuracy vs infantry types set to 0.7 from 0.75.
* KV-85 matches Churchill with the following changes:
- - Cost set at 500 manpower 90 fuel.
- - Speed set at 4.
- - Received damage set at 0.85.
- - Gun changed to match the T34/85s with minor changes.
- - Build time set to 55.
- Veterancy for both KVs to match KV-2.
* Nashorn set as reward unit for the PE's doctrinal Flak 88
- Nashorn stats:
- - Same cost than Flak 88.
- - Health set at 400.
- - Armour type 'Hummel'.
- - Movement stats to match Hummel except by rotation set to 30.
- - Gun stats match Flak 88.
- - Penetrates 30% more.
- - Needs to be locked down to fire.
- - Lock down ability has a cooldown of 15 secs and will start firing 15 secs after locked down.
* SU-76 Replaces Lend Lease Sherman
- SU-76 stats:
- - Health set at 350
- - Armour type 'Stuart'
- - Movement stats to match T70
- - Gun to match current Lend Lease Sherman's 76mm including the AP rounds
- - Veterancy and Cost to match Lend Lease Sherman
* IS-3 replaces ISU-152 as an optional reward unit.
- Limited to 1 per match.
- Pershing armour and movement
- 1100 health
- 0.75 received penetration
- 0.75 received damage
- 900mp cost
- Veterancy requirements to matches Jagdpanther and veterancy bonus to match IS2
- Gun based on the Tiger1 88mm with following changes:
- - Reload 7.5-7.5
- - Range 45
- - Damage 165
- - Penetration vs Tiger/Panther 0.866
- - Penetration vs Jagdpanther 0.766
- - Set basic penetration of 0.9 at long range.
* RMC Lt. and Captains have health regeneration of 0.027.
* Molotov cocktail burning duration increased to 10 seconds.
* Guards SVT-40 damage increased to 15.
* T90 gun rebalanced.
* Naval Infantry and Guard Infantry DP-28 stats will be based on the 2.602 LMG42 with 0.13 accuracy at long range and able to fire on the move and search radius to match BAR.
* RMC Lt. veterancy need amendment is now in line with the 2.602.
* Soviet flamers now matches other flamers from 2.602 patch.
* Replace current US Sherman 76 model for Loran Korn's one.
* Change back to when you got a T34/76 with tank riders and then did the T34/85 upgrade you replaced it, not get it as an additional option.
* Remove SU100 from the soviet.
* Soviet mortar now gets normal barrage ability.
* DP-28 Red Banner special ability no longer immobilizes the squad. Instead it reduces movement of the squad and provides 0.8 received damage, 0.8 received accuracy and 25% reduced suppression modifiers. It is now a timed ability instead.
* Sharpshooter and Spotter health decreased to 60 and 45 respectively.
* Swapped around veterancy 2/3 bonuses for Sharpshooter Team.
* Reduced Spotter's gun range to 40.
* Strelky no longer receive Airborne armour at veterancy 1. Instead they get 0.8 received damage modifier.
* Tank hunters pop set back to 4.
* Strelky PPSh-41 upgrade cost set at 75 munition.
* Strelky DP-28 upgrade cost set at 50 munition.
* Health of all ZiS-2 guns changed to 390 to match 2.602 retail patch.
* T34/76 build time decreased to 45.
* ZiS-2 gun re-crew cost set to 23 manpower per member.
* Removed munition cost for barrage and munition upkeep for the ISU-152.
* Re-set all soviet rifles' damage modifier vs elite/heroic armour at 0.75.
* Soviet AT grenades in now 'homing in' like a sticky bomb.
* DP-28 accuracy incremental changed from 1.02 to 1.08.
* T34s with Tank Riders call in now costs 650 manpower.
* All mosin guns now have moving accuracy modifier set back to 0.5 to match M1/Kar98 .
* Conscript Mosins version 1 and 2 now does half of the suppression they had before.
* Conscript rifle damage dropped to damage 9.
* Conscript health reduced by 3 health per man.
* Sherman Jumbos can now be individually upgraded with 76mm canons.
* Global veterancy bonus from Command Squad back to 6% per level.
* Lowered Conscript capping speed to 1.2.
* Conscripts and Strelky reinforcement time set as US rifleman.
* RMC Jeeps damage reduced by 0.5 for each member.
* Replace Jagdtiger with old vCOH Tiger Ace as reward unit (but black skin!).
* Added Daimler Scout Car Variants
- MG variant replaces the 30cal jeep - Identical stats
* Added Daimler light Armoured Car to the RMC glider
- Hard capped at 1
- Movement same as an sdkfz222
- Armour to match Bren carrier and health 240
- Gun Based on the US Staghound's 37mm with the following changes:
- - Damage: 35-40
- - Reload: 2-2
- - Cool down: 3-2.5
- - Cost: 260 manpower 20 fuel
* Red Banner Strelky research fuel cost changed to 70 fuel.
* IS2 gun damage modifier vs Tiger armour reduced to 1.3 and deflection damage set to 0.15.
* Removed Penal Troops.
* Conscripts can now gain veterancy
- At Veterancy 2 they gain the full rifles.
- At Veterancy 3 they become un-suppressible.
* Molotov's is now an upgrade of its own in the armoury.

Bug Fixes
* Removed coaxial and hull mg from Katyushas and ZiS-5.
* RMC Recon Upgrade once again have the sharpshooter ability.
* Ingenery mines has been fixed.
* Sniper Ace will be now be decloaked while retreating.
* Command Squad can no longer capture heavy weapons / emplacements.
* Fixed missing Sherman Jumbo doesn't have firing sounds.
* Fixed Comet and RMC AT Jeep missed projectiles.
* ISU-152 can no longer use the barrage ability if his main gun has been destroyed.
* Veterancy earned by PE troops using soviet captured heavy weapons is no longer buggy.
* Fixed Kursk mini map that was messed up.
* Guards at vet 1 are no longer suppressible.
* Tank Riders can now capture points while riding a tank.
* Fixed that activating observer mode in sniper team doesn't affect the spotter.
* Comet/Achilles/SAS Jeeps now has voices.
* Upgraded ZiS-2 has now speech.
* The shortcut key for the Ingenery's Cut Wire ability no longer conflicts with that of the Retreat to Medic Truck ability.
* The shortcut key for the CW and RMC Sappers' Cut Wire ability no longer conflicts with that of the Retreat to Captain ability.
* Sniper Ace, Partisans, Artillery Firebases, ISU-152, have the requirement of when it reached its hard cap, is now "Only available at one time".
* Victory Target now works with RMC 25lbs.
* Ingeneries and Sturmovie Ingeneries are no longer gathered as the same unit when double click one of those.

* Delete unused Soviet building tab.
* Added RMC glider to building tab.
* Fixed Guard SVT Muzzle Flash.
* Created mixed RMC squads with different helmeted version of the marine's in a squad.
* Add lock down sign for the medic truck.
* Replaced JagdpanzerIV with newer from Blitzkrieg.
* Replaced Sherman Jumbo model with the one from Halftrack.
* Move RMC Achilles next to RMC Staghound to remove the gap between them.
* Made the Soviet MG emplacement's crew invincible, as well as the weapon_capture_squads that recrew it.
* Leaves camo set at veterancy 1 for Jagdpanther (visual change only).
* Partisans no longer appear with hats and sometimes not.
* Partisans no longer use mosin/kar98s at the same time.
* When MG nest gunners are killed and then reoccupied, the MG nest icon no longer changes to AT gun.
* Mortar teams no longer have flickering textures.
* Fixed pink mega map icon of Both Jeeps.
* Fixed pink M-10 model.
* Fixed icons for RMC-jeeps.
* Red Banner Strelky ability "The Red Flag"(PPSh-41) now have icon above the unit when active like other abilities. It now has Fire-up icon.
* Added critical pictures and critical damages pictures for soviets vehicles.
* Sturmovie Ingenery have a new icon.
* PTRD now has a proper model.
* Updated various front-end 2d art.

- Leningrad map has been updated.
- Added [EF] Battle of Mahiljou (4) by beagletank
- Added [EF] Kotelnikovo (2) by Sylver
- Added [EF] Grodno (4) by theplay
- Added [EF] Hinderdam (4) by dcw

* Building Hotkeys
- Ingenery - I
- Command Squad - C
- Sturmovie Ingenery - S
- Conscripts - C
- Strekly - S
- Guards - G
- Tank Hunters - H
- Mortar Team - M
- Sharpshooter - S
- ZiS-2 Team - Z
- Medic Truck - T
- T-70 - L(ight Tank)
- T-90 - A(nti-Infantry)
- T-34 - S(tandard)
- T-34/85 - T(ank)
- SU-85 - U
- IS-2 Tank - I
* Changed some additional hotkeys. Try them out.

Detailed AI Changes

* All AI factions have a 40% chance of using non call-in reward units.
* General minor AI improvements in micromanagement and similar.
* Chooses build-order and tech-tree better according to situation.
* Chooses doctrine more properly according to situation.
* AI now throws grenades at proper targets.
* AI vehicles won't run away as often when being repaired and will more often retreat to be repaired.
* Captured howitzers will fire barrages.
* Most artillery units will use shoot-and-scoot tactics.
* AI won't spam smoke abilities.

* AI will now use 'Paradrop engineers' when HQ destroyed.
* AI will now use 'Off-map combat group'.
* AI will not use 'Air reconnaissance'.
* T17 now uses 'White phosphorus rounds'.
* M8 greyhound now uses 'Armored car mine drop'.
* Hellcat now uses 'Camouflage'.
* Riflemen won't use 'Suppression fire' on vehicle.
* Snipers won't fire on enemy vehicles or empty buildings.
* AI will now use halftracks and infantry will garrison them
* And many other minor improvements...

* HQ trucks 'Set up' AI improved.
* Recon tommies now uses 'Deploy marksman'.
* Bren LMG tommies uses 'Button enemy vehicle'.
* Cromwell uses 'Flank speed'.
* Churchill won't use 'Tank shock' against on vehicle.
* Stuart won't use 'Fire canister round' on garrisoned infantry.
* 17pdr AT uses 'Face weapon' for tracking target.
* Officers uses 'Retreat'.
* Officers with low health rarely charge to the enemy for use 'FOO barrage'.
* Officers don't use 'Maintain command range' on recon tommies and any commando squads.
* Captain uses 'Victor target'.
* Lieutenant uses 'Heroic charge' more frequently.
* British infantry uses 'Withdraw to captain's position' more tactically
* Bren carrier won't use 'AP burst' against infantry.
* Commando uses 'Concealing smoke'.
* AI will use 'Glider HQ' to produce commando weapon teams
* And many other minor improvements...

* AI will use 'Wehrmacht reinforcements' when HQ destroyed.
* AI will use 'V1 rocket'.
* AI will use Officer 'Supervision'.
* AI will use 'Salvage wreck'.
* Pak38 AT uses 'Camouflage'.
* Stormtroopers uses 'Camouflage'.
* Sniper won't fire on enemy vehicles or empty buildings.
* AI won't use 'Assault' on enemy vehicles or tanks.
* AI wont send any command to infantry squad using 'Assault'.
* Volksgrenadiers and Knight's Cross Holders won't use 'Fire Panzerfaust' on infantry.
* AI should not spam so many pumas.
* AI will use halftracks more often
* Many other minor improvements...

Panzer Elite
* AI will use 'Reinforcements' when HQ destroyed.
* AI will use 'Air-dropped SD-2 butterfly bombs'.
* AI Bergetiger will use 'Recover wreck'.
* AI Marder III tank hunter uses 'Site main gun'.
* AI Panzer IV infantry support tank uses 'Rapid fire'.
* AI Armored car uses 'Overdrive'.
* AI Light AT halftrack uses 'Tread breaker'.
* AI Light AT halftrack uses 'Focused firing'.
* AI Schwimmwagen type 128 uses 'Mark target'.
* AI Schwimmwagen type 128 uses 'Incendiary trap'.
* AI Schwimmwagen type 128 uses 'Mine drop'.
* AI Kettenkrad uses 'Booby traps'.
* AI Kettenkrad uses 'Camouflage'.
* AI Hetzer uses 'Camouflage'.
* AI Infantry uses 'Sprint' more frequently.
* AI Fallschirmjägers won't use 'Fire Panzerfaust' on infantry.
* AI G43 panzer grenadiers uses 'Suppressive volley fire'.
* AI Panzer grenadiers uses 'Booby Traps'.
* AI will use 'Panther battle group'.
* And many other minor improvements...

* Soviet Infantry will use grenades are satchel charges more smartly.
* Command Squad and Sharpshooter Team should not suicide charge to shoot a barrage.
* AI should (hopefully) not suicide katyuahas after firing them.
* AI should (hopefully) use KV-2's more properly.
* Partisans should (hopefully) use booby traps.
* Soviets should build defenses like mg nests and howitzers more often.
* AI Tankhunters will now use AT mines.
* And many other minor improvements...


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Nice tweeks ^^

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after the launcher fiasco i reinstalled this mod but am unable to re-download the update because the launcher will crash with an internet connection....any chance you could fix this or post a seperate file with the patch ???

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We already post the mirrors on our site. I'll add them here as well.

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