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Eastern Front Patch 1.30 Changelog 'Dankov! Man the FlaK 88!' Soviets now can recrew heavy weapons, soviets received some balance tweaks and we have a reward faction for the Commonwealth, the Royal Marines Commandos Brigade, among many other things.

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Eastern Front Patch 1.30

'Dankov! Man the FlaK 88!'

This patch was released on 21/01/2011

Recrewing Heavy weapons is now possible for Soviets!

New OPTIONAL Sub-Faction: Royal Marines Commandos Brigade

* All these changes are activated by using a "Reward Unit".

Teching Changes

* Captain moved to HQ. You do not need to buy a commander to access all units in your tier.
* Increased cost of the Lieutenant by 10 fuel and the Captain by 15 fuel.

* HQ truck
- Units available: Marines Commando Squad, Lieutenant, Marine Sapper, Captain

* New Building added to the tech tree: The SAS Forward Command. It's similiar to a HQ glider, but can only land on friendly territory.
- Cost: 220 manpower 30 fuel
- Units available: Bren Carrier, SAS Raiders, SAS Recon Jeeps, SAS Light Support Jeeps

* Field Support truck
- Cost: 335 manpower 75 fuel
- Units available: Staghound, Achilles

*Armour Command Truck
- Cost: 400 manpower 125 fuel
- Units available: Cromwell Tank, Cromwell Command Tank, Comet Tank.

* Trucks lock down sectors, but do not gain additional resources unless an upgrade is researched.

Unit Changes

* - All Infantry move with normal movement.

* Marines Commando Squad:
- They are like regular infantry sections, but are unable to make trenches.
- Cost changed to 375 mp
- Reinforcement cost increased
- Recon element now:
- - Camouflaged when in cover like Panzer Elite's Fallschirmjäger, but with lower first strike bonus
- - Sharpshooter ability remains
- - Increased Accuracy by 1.25x
- - Decreased Cooldown by 1.75x
- - Increased Capture rate by 1.5x
- - Reduces health by 5 per man
- Recon Element cost increased from 35 munitions to 50 munitions
- Starting Squad is no longer equipped with Recon Element upgrade.

* Marine Engineers:
- Regular sapper squad with normal movement but unable to build trenches.
- Other defenses become available for construction when the Captain has been built.
- Increased reinforcement cost.

* SAS Raiders:
- 4 Tommies with 3 Thompsons and 1 PIAT.
- Have slightly more health than a normal tommy.
- Increased capping speed and cost 375 manpower

* SAS recon jeeps:
- Jeeps are built in squads of 2. One has a 50cal and the other a 30 cal.
- Cost 450 manpower
- They have -30% received accuracy as standard
- Can detect as normal jeeps
- Have self repair

*SAS Light Support Jeeps:
- Jeeps are built in squads of 2. They're armed with recoilless rifles.
- Cost 350 manpower
- Cannot detect
- Have self repair

* Achilles TD:
- M10 with a 17 pounder gun.
- Has HVAP Ability for 50 munitions.
- Cost 380 manpower 75 fuel

Veterancy Change

* The lieutenant bonus is no longer stackable.

Starting Resources Change
* Commonwealth starting resources lowered from 460 manpower, 15 fuel, 25 munitions to 375 manpower, 15 fuel, 0 munitions.

Balance Changes

* Red Banner Strelky's PPSh and DP-28 upgrades now cost 60 munition.
* Red Banner Strelky PPSh damage reverted back to 5.
* Increased Red Banner Strelky DP-28 damage by 1.
* Red Banner Strelky DP-28's penetration and damage modifier against Puma, Sdkfz 22x, Marder and Halftracks now match the BAR.
* Conscripts' and Penal Troops' Mosin penetration and damage against Sdkfz 22x and Halftracks now matches M1 Garand.
* Strelky Mosin penetration and damage against Sdkfz 22x and Halftrack now matches US M1 Garand.
* Major's Pistol now has same range as Mosin rifles.
* Major's Pistol cooldown duration changed to 1.5-2.
* Following Changes to the Heavy Mortar:
- Damage Medium/Long: 0.1
- Damage Short: 0.2
* ZiS AT Guns no longer auto target infantry.
* T90 Main gun now based on Puma's 20mm with following changes
- Short range suppression changed to 0.1
- Medium/Long range suppression changed to 0.003
- Damage against Puma set to 0.8
- Damage against Halftrack set to 0.7
- Damage against Sdkfz 22x set to 0.4
- Penetration and rear penetration against Sdkfz 22x set to 0.5
- Penetration against marder set to 0.5
- Accuracy against P47 set to 0.9
- Accuracy against infantry elite 0.8 and damage 1.05
- Projectile FX/tracer matches 50 cal
- Burst duration 4-3.5
* PTRD damage changed to 30
* PTRD accuracy and damage modifers against Sdkfz 22x and Halftracks increased by 0.1.
* PTRD damage against Puma changed to 1.6.
* Red Banner Strelky's Banner Bearer now has Soldier armour.
* 'Stand Your Ground' ability for DP-28 armed Red Banner Strelky also gives them 25% less received accuracy when active.
* Conscript's capping speed reverted back to 1.5 from 1.3.
* KV-2's main gun area of effect damage increased by 0.1
* KV-2's main gun damage against elite armour increased by 0.05
* Lend-Lease Sherman gun damage against Puma set to 1.3 and sight range to 47.5.
* T70/T90 health set to 350.
* SU-85 penetration against Panther increased by 0.2.
* SU-85 damage against Halftrack/Sdkfz 22x/Puma reduced to 0.8.
* SU-100 damage against Halftrack/Sdkfz 22x/Puma reduced to 0.8.
* Sturmovie PPSh damage increased to 7.5.
* Guard's SVT rifle penetration and damage against Sdkfz 22x and Halftracks now match US M1 Garand.
* T-34/85 armour changed from 'Churchill' to 'Sherman' but has a -25% received penetration.
* Soviet grenades now match vanilla ones having 0% chance to miss.
* Sniper Team's Spotter gun accuracy at long range increased by 0.15.
* Reduced commander points needed for God of War by 2.
* Majors's Pistol cooldown (time between shots) duration changed to 2.5-3.
* Camouflage mechanics for Sharpshooters and Tank Hunters now matches PE Fallschirmjager. Units automatically cloak when in cover.
* Comet cost changed to 100 fuel.
* Lend-Lease Sherman now has an AP round ability. Activation cost 50 munitions.
* Added the Medic truck as a secondary rally point (like British Captain).
* Medic Trucks are now limited to 1 on the field.
* T-34/76 now has -15% received penetration.
* Reward Tiger now costs 800 manpower like the normal tiger.
* Munition upkeep for ZiS AT Guns and Mortars cut in half.
* ISU-152 Gun changes:
- Reduced damage modifier against Tiger/Jagdpanther armour by 0.1
- Reduced weapon range to 45
- Changed AOE stats to match US Howitzer.
- Damage against houses (farms etc) increased 300%.
* ISU-152 rotation rate increased by 3.
* ISU-152 ambush ability removed.
* New ISU-152 ability, indirect barrage. 2 shots fired indirectly as barrage.
* Jagdtiger gun's increased penetration modifier vs jagdpanther/Pershing armour by 0.15
* Jagdtiger received damage set at 0.8.
* SU-85 gun's damage lowered to 107.5.
* SU-85 now has -25% received accuracy.
* SU-100 has -25% received accuracy and -15% penetration.
* Mechanics now have second ability called 'improved tank production'. Improves production time for the Tank Hall.
* Siren warning replaced smoke in US strafing runs.
* Comet health set to 600 hp and armour type set to Pershing.
* Strelky on the field now gains access to the weapon-upgrades after researching the Red Banner upgrade.
* Increase population of Tank Hunter to 8.
* American mortar setup time reduced from 2.4s to 1.5s.
* Stug acceleration increased from 1.7m/s to 2.5m/s
* Stug deceleration increased from 2.0m/s to 3.0m/s
* Assault Grenades damage average reduced from 30 to 17.5
* Officer build time reduced from 45s to 25s.
* StuH manpower cost reduced from 600 to 500.
* StuH CP cost reduced from 3 to 2.

Soviet Veterancy changes

Strelky/Ingenery/Partisans Veterancy
- Veterancy 1:Armour changed to Airborne
- Veterancy 2:1.2 accuracy modifier
- Veterancy 3:1.2 Damage modifier

AT squads/AT gun/Mortar/Sturmonie
- Veterancy 1:-20% received accuracy

Command Squad
- Global bonus is now 10% per level
- Veterancy 2 also gives the squad -15% received accuracy

Sharp shooters
- Sharp shooters now start with infantry armour and gain airborne armour at Veterancy 1
- Cloak ability moved to Veterancy 1
- Conceal smoke ability moved to Veterancy 3

- Veterancy values amended to 7/14/28

- Veterancy 1:-20% received accuracy
- Veterancy 2:1.2 accuracy
- Veterancy 3:1.15 range

UI Changes
* Updated texture for ISU-152.
* Updated texture for T-34/76.
* Updated texture for Comet.
* Updated Ingenery's texture, no more glowing equipment.

New Game Mode
* Added OPTIONAL custom match game mode, "Annihilate - No Popcap". Basically normal Annihilate but with "9999" popcap.

New Challenge
* Added OPTIONAL challenge on Angoville. More information about it can be found here.

* Added "Egletons" (2) by Cam51, winner of the latest map competition.
* Added "Duclair" (2) by OnkelSam, winner of an older map competition.
* Added "Dom Pavlova" (4) by BurroDiablo.
* Overworked Maps ('Performance improvements', 'New weather settings & options' and 'New territory overlay'):
- Kholm (2)
- Prague (2)
- Psel (2)
* General Updates
- Cottbus (4)
- Tannenberg (4)

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More like APDS ammo for that Achilles not HVAP.

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