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Many people have been asking how to unlock the Hamlet sidestory so I thought a quick feature article would be in order.

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Hamlet is the quaint abandoned town on the outskirts of the lake near the end of the game. While most players seem to understand how to unlock it (its quite obvious to some), others still have issues and I don't want to leave them in the dark.

First and foremost, since Part 1 is dependent on replay value, I encourage you to buzz through twice or three times to soak in all the details, random sound queues, cave and Hamlet, and so forth.

Hamlet has six logs, total like 15 pages, and unravels a relatively lengthy short story. If you miss the body of Brexton, you don't get it unlocked, you can only explore the empty lifeless shell and the barn and cave are blocked off.

The remake is worth replaying a few times for stuff like this. When you first enter the forest, go to the right and stick to the road. The lantern and blood trail leads off to Brexton's dead body. Pick up his dropped diary and the story is initiated.

By unlocking Hamlet, you also can possibly unlock the second winter narrative/flashback.

Link to Brexton's Body:

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