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Want to know where did OpenIsland originated? This interview will tell you everything you need.

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Q: Okay, so how did the OpenIsland idea originate?
Well it goes back to my own gaming experience. I have always loved realism and non-linear gameplay. I hate when stuff is repetitive. I rather love when the player faces random events and every experience is different. We want to focus on book-like storylines -- you can write a journal on your experiences on OpenIsland and they won't look nor sound fancy, it will all fit smoothly.

Q: But you're not telling us how it originated...
The start of my open-world passion originated in San Andreas Multiplayer -- an unofficial multiplayer modification of the popular GTA:SA game. It has it's own scripting language called PAWN and you can develop a server here. I used to develop "Hardcore Roleplaying" Servers, where the player roleplayed with other players and it all seemed awkwardly realistic. You had to do several stuff even if the server was empty, like work or manage your home / vehicles. OpenIsland will attempt to give this experience but on a solitary confinement island -- and you have to survive.

Q: Will the game feature a story-line?
The base of the game will allow for a storyline. Several maps will be created and each one with of course a starting cutscene and subsequent effects. The game might also feature a career mode in the distant future where you have your own "Surviving The Wilderness" TV Show. As for now, each map will have an effect. If your plane crashed, you will see the plane there and you will be able to scavange it of course. All within hardcore realism.

Q: This is a very ambitious project, do you agree?
It is. Also it's a personal dream I've had for ages. The idea on it's simplest form is not that complex. You are stranded on an island and you have to survive. To do this you scavange resources and apply them for the best effect. Nothing out of the possibility. Later additions will be based on how the community reacts to this game and of course, if our team is expanded.

Q: Will it feature multiplayer gameplay?
It's very early to say that. I will do so if the community is big enough.

Q: What do you plan to do to engage the community?
My main focus is to form a big community around realistic survival. For this anyone who wants to join me on this early stages can by joining as a tester. For this you have to merely send me a message, of course testers require to be involved slightly on the testing of each build.

Q: How long until the game is playable?
As strange as you may think -- the game is playable right now. The basics of the gameplay are there. We just have to add each feature and as I've said in the start of the interview, it's not actually a hard process, it's more likely a very enjoyable process.

Q: What about graphics?
Currently I'm on the hunt of additional 3d artists but don't expect bad graphics, we want to deliver also an appealing graphic experience. Probably nothing crysis-like.

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