OpenIsland is a revolutionary sandbox realistic survival game. We aim to
create a hardcore-level, realistic survival experience while aiming not to bore
the player. Every single day will be different, with new opportunities, the
island evolves as you live in it... Weather changes, random events will occur
and of course, you have to survive each day while still developing new means of
survival. You will generate a unique character with unique characteristics and
make sure it develops it's skills in order to survive and have a better, more
enjoyable survival experience. We try to make this as close and realistic to
real life survival, each time you play you will gain more knowledge. Your
character has to learn new techniques and methods, of course in the process you
will have several accidents: prepare yourself to make sure these accidents have
the most minimal consequence possible.

We are looking for support! Below you can find a list of ways you can help
us in the development of this game:

Joining the team: We're looking for developers, 3D and 2D artists! If you
believe you can be of any help to the development of the game, feel free to
contact the lead developer, Deskoft, via mail here on

Testers: The testing team is open for only a limited amount of time! This
minor group of testers will be directly involved in the development of the game
and will be able to test and chat live with the developers when time allows. To
become a member of the Tester squad, send Deskoft a message on

Donating: We don't encourage donations on such an early stage of the game,
but it is very true that the monetary capital will determine the quality of the
final product. If you really want to support us, any amount of money will help
us. To donate, send Deskoft a message on!

Donation Benefits

ALL donators at the current state (pre-alpha stage) will receive the
following benefits:

-Live feedback from the developers

- Be able to suggest features LIVE.

-Your name in the credits.

-The possibility to create your OWN survivor(s) (including name and

-Entrance to the official testing team.

Credits (will be in-game):

Deskoft - Lead Developer | Founder

OsamaBigLag - Modelling, Testing & Pioneering.

Straplink - Public Relations Agent.

HP3 - Testing.

Ryan - Graphic Design.

Urban Gaming Community - Motivation & Pioneering.

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The testing team of OpenIsland today managed to get their hands on the first build of the game which has been on development for some weeks. This build included the following features:

-The Tester's Island: The tester's Island is a regular landmass surrounded by water where the testers have several tools to test the game. Testers are able to fiddle around in a small Island where almost all the game features are presented.
-Water & Swimming: The game presented water surrounding the island aswell as the possiblity to swim endlessly. Of course, in the future, you won't be able to swim for too long!
-Basic Movement: The game presented basic player movement in first person.
-Skybox: We also included a basic skybox!

OpenIsland - The background of a true open-world

OpenIsland - The background of a true open-world


Want to know where did OpenIsland originated? This interview will tell you everything you need.

minewar - - 2 comments

If there are multiple maps with seperate storys, will there be a creator for own maps?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
sophielucy - - 17 comments

I really want play! Later on, could you please make it available for android thanks!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
deskoft Creator
deskoft - - 6 comments

We now have additional testing positions! Apply now before the vacants close! :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Jetcutter - - 756 comments

Please God!! No Zombies!!
I'll be watching.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
deskoft Creator
deskoft - - 6 comments

There will be no zombies! Just you against the environment! Thanks and regards! :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
deskoft Creator
deskoft - - 6 comments

Thank you all for the good comments, tomorrow we got some big surprises including Physics and object handling!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Straplink - - 1 comments

The game is coming along excellently, the first brief version has been tested by myself.

Straplink (Public Relations & Testing)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 695,667 comments

Same here OsamaBigLag

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