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Everything you've ever wanted to know about Source Media Arcade. Use it to find info about a specific topic, or read it from top to bottom and become an expert.

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This 4.5x6 inch printable pamphlet contains more information than you'd ever want to know. But don't worry, it has an easy Table of Contents for you to quickly find the topic you need help with. Keep this manual handy in PDF or printed form and you'll always have somewhere to turn to for those late night questions that nobody is awake to answer. You could consider this manual as the encyclopedia of Source Media Arcade; it's got EVERYTHING.

The Official User's Manual is now located here.

-=Zombine3D=- - - 279 comments

umm,,, i have problems - issing tetures and ERROR's

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SM_Sith_Lord Author
SM_Sith_Lord - - 204 comments

Hey Zombine, sry about that. It's a side-effect of the minimal install.

Some of the maps (other than sm_garage) do use Counter-Strike: Source resources.

You can either stick to sm_garage, or enable the loading of CSS content.

To load CSS resources, you can go into the DLC menu and install the "Extra Resource" add-on. This will allow you to use the content from all the Source engine games you own.

Btw, there are other maps that don't require CSS or anything. Let me know if you're interested in some links.

As far as the gravity gun, just switch to a different weapon for now. I'll be adding a fix for it to the DLC store soon.

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