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The change list of the upcoming NProject Mod version 2.10.1 release compared to v2.10

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Because it is too long to be included in yesterday's article, here's the change list of the upcoming NProject Mod version 2.10.1 release compared to the v2.10 (current release):

  • fixed Angry Mob issue where they sometimes use running instead dying animation when died
  • optimized the Patriot assist relay effects
  • Tomahawk Waypoint Targeting ability now can be use for multiple shots
  • fixed Civilian Supply Truck model issues (unintended autosmoke bones and missing bottom side)
  • fixed Boss General Colonel Burton broken Combat Bike animation
  • fixed RocksType6 missing terrain (mistakenly deleted during cleanup)
  • fixed War Track death animation that has multiple gunner model
  • changed Hold Fire Mode button hotkey from "E" to "O"
  • changed Free Fire Mode button hotkey from "R" to "I"
  • changed ECM Tank Disable Vehicle Mode button hotkey from "D" to "I" to match the other units with hold fire mode
  • fixed the Carpet Bomb description in Generals Promotion menu that stated the wrong countdown timer
  • fixed the Leaflet Drop button descriptions that stated the wrong countdown timer
  • reduced Infantry General Support Van transport slot from 6 to 4 to match the other subfactions Support Van
  • added ground attack cursor decal for Particle Cannon button
  • fixed Tank General Nuclear Tank upgrade wrong description (it didn't include the Emperor and Siege Tank)
  • fixed Demo General Combat Bike build button that use the wrong cameo
  • fixed Nuke General Nuke Hacker build button descriptions that still refer to normal Hacker build descriptions
  • fixed Toxin General Fake Tunnel Network Become Real upgrade button that referring incorrect building in its description
  • purchased upgrades now will retain their upgrade descriptions, in case you forgot what an upgrade does
  • added unique cursor for Guard commands
  • Guard button command now can be used on friendly units to Guard-Follow the said unit!
  • dedicated anti-air units now have Guard Air button in addition to their normal Guard button (like the fighter aircrafts)
    > affected units are: Missile Defender, Tank Hunter, RPG Trooper, Avenger, Gattling Tank, and Quad Cannon
  • fixed the Airforce General Spectre Gunship special power that did not announce its arrival when deployed
  • fixed the Airforce General Spectre Gunship special power button description that stated the wrong cooldown duration
  • Napalm Strike special power target reveal timeout duration increased from 18s to 30s to match the other offensive special powers (such as A-10)
  • Demo Drop special power now no longer reveal the target area before the planes drop the payloads
  • fixed Airforce General Microwave Tank that were grouped under the wrong faction category in the worldbuilder
  • EMP Cluster Mines upgrade now has new upgrade complete voice line
  • Nuke Hunter gets their proper new voice lines instead of mixed with Red Guard voices
  • Spy Drone now have few seconds invulnerable time upon deployment to prevent them getting killed off-screen before completely descend down
  • Superweapon General now will get a Striker instead of a Tomahawk from the Tech Reinforcement Pad drop
  • Boss General Paradrop special power now will use China Cargo Plane instead of USA Cargo Plane
  • reduced Crate Drop special power decal size to match with the other paradrop powers
  • fixed Boss General Hacker that turn into Tank Hunter when died while riding the Combat Bike
  • new Spy Plane special power button cameo
  • Spy Drone now has voice set so it won't be completely silent when you try to select and move it
  • USA POW Truck now create the proper debris instead of GLA POW Truck debris
  • removed Attack Move command button from Hijackers, they never work to begin with anyway (Guard button still works though)
  • implemented the abilities for Chinese Agent: Wirecutter Sabotage, Bribe Enemy, and Kung-Fu!
  • partly implemented the POW system back:
    • added SURRENDER death animation for most of all infantry units
    • Ranger Flashbangs will cause SURRENDER death to infantry in the open, nothing changed otherwise
    • surrendering infantry can be picked up by POW Trucks and turn into Prisoner
    • picked up Prisoners can be sent out to Detention Camp, Propaganda Center, and Prison buildings to be converted into money (note: just placeholder effect)
    • Stun Bullets and Tranquilizer Dart upgrades for Red Guard and Rebel are not being implemented ingame but can be easily be enabled

i played a lot the last version released back in the old days and then i moved on being sad that the mod was not getting any more updates :(

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n5p29 Author

There are few releases already over the years, as you can see here:
Although it is not as often as before, the last one released on Dec 2019 brought quite a lot of contents compared to the previous one, so you might want to check them out. And as I announced in the news article yesterday, there will be a new version coming up soon, so stay tuned. :)

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i knew about the 2.10 version. but i was waiting for new updates. now i am happy that you return with a new release soon. no mod should be released indefinitely because the developer has a real life too. it just needs to be in a stable, playable and balanced state. in short it needs to be at its best.
thats why i felt like the 2.10 was not quite finished, something was missing. so i continued to wait for the mod updates.
thanks for your content! cant wait to try it again

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