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Planned content for the mod. Information about the proposed gameplay style.

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In this game you will have some types of resources:
Two of the original game:

  • Food
  • Wood

Two based on their previous releases:

  • Metal
  • Stone

Two old ones with new concepts:

  • Philosophy
  • Coin

The main unit becomes the citizen, with different features for each culture and civilization, but, in general, are divided into two:

Male Citizen

  • Responsible for gather the following resources:
    – Hunting;
    – Mining of metals and stones;
    – Wood cut.
  • Responsible for the construction of military buildings.

Female Citizen

  • Responsible for gather the following resources:
    – Fruit from bushes and food from farms;
    – Food from domesticated animals.
  • Responsible for the construction of economic buildings.

The buildings become much more difficult to be destroyed, but will have a new concept as to how it will be built, making the map control most important, also will be very relevant the protection of specific economic buildings. Of course this also makes these buildings the most targeted by enemies.

As this concept is still emerging from our minds, so, for now, we will not talk very much about that.

Other new concepts, like new ways to train units, or gain experience also will be included. Await for news.

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