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I have collected a torrent of all TDM 2.0 (standalone) compliant missions plus all the TDM 1.08 missions. Please seed.

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Here is a link to a torrent download which contains all the latest versions of all TDM missions. Most are TDM 2.0 (standalone) compliant but some will only work properly if you have TDM 2.0 installed under Doom 3 or may even require TDM 1.08 because of changes to models and animation in 2.0. Please feel free to report any problems you encounter with any specific mission. This is a courtesy offered to address the ongoing problem that happens when our site gets too much exposure (news coverage, etc) and our servers cant handle serving up the missions to the in-game downloader.


Simply download and rename with a .torrent extension then use your favorite bit-torrent client to download the zip file. Then extract the mission folders into your darkmod/fms directory.

7ty7 - - 786 comments

great idea, everyone loves all-in-one packs

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myxale - - 666 comments

Count me in. All in Ones rule!

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PostApoc - - 29 comments

Thanks :D

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HangPhyr - - 235 comments

Torrent is unregistered on the tracker included.

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nbohr1more Author
nbohr1more - - 450 comments

I uploaded this via tribler. Are you able to download the file? I can try another torrent client if needed. Tried to find a GPL and adware free client to use. uTorrent used to be my goto client a long time ago but I haven't done much with torrents these days.

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AluminumHaste - - 108 comments

I get the same problem too. Thanks for uploading this N, very nice to have.

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Aza027 - - 320 comments

Thanks for that sweet collection. I'll seed it for sure.

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rocknroll237 - - 553 comments

Downloading and seeding.

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