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This is a brief outline of what makes It Never Ends different from other shoot'em ups.

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It Never Ends is a shoot'em up inspired by space shooter games from the late 70's and early 80's. These games had simple patterns and predictable enemies. I'm trying very hard to match the feel of these classics while making the enemies less predictable. The aliens in It Never Ends mutate if they need to. If they spank you, they won't make any changes. However, the more you beat them, the more they change.

The changes are random. They might change part of their tactics, switch the size of their ships, or switch one of their special abilities for something new. The result may be something uninspired, blatantly stupid, or amazing. You never can tell, but that's what you get when you mimic evolution in a video game.

Although it doesn't look it with these place holder images, the graphics should be something special. As the aliens mutate, their appearance will change to match. The exact style is still being decided. Pixel art might be the way to go, but I could just as easily go another way with it.

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