An old fashioned 2D space shooter with evolving aliens and a customized ship.

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It Never Ends is simple in concept, but difficult to execute. It's an attempt at reviving and updating the feel of old space shooters from the eighties by introducing mutating enemies. The results have been.... interesting.

When you have a game that relies on the randomization of opponents, you run two risks. The resulting opponent may be too challenging, or too easy. If they are too challenging, the player gets frustrated and leaves. If they are too easy, the player gets bored and leaves.

I have taken two approaches for trying to mitigate these extremes. One method is to provide the player with an option to launch a costly nuke which forces the aliens to redesign 30% of their specifications. This is, in theory, how you can deal with an absurdly deadly, and frustrating enemy.

Dealing with extremely weak enemies is a different matter. If the game detects that you are slaughtering the enemy, they will retreat. If wave after wave retreats, they will completely redesign their forces.

The real problem now lies with the number one play tester: ME. What I think is challenging and what the average player thinks is challenging differs.

The game is called It Never Ends because the player needs to change the design of his/her ship to match the ever-changing alien threat, but I find that the process of game design is the same. I have to constantly change the game to address feedback. That's okay though. As long as the feedback keeps coming, I'll gladly keep playing the design game.

If you're interested in providing feedback, download the latest version from my site:

Mutating Enemies

Mutating Enemies


This is a brief outline of what makes It Never Ends different from other shoot'em ups.

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It Never Ends

It Never Ends


An old fashioned space shooter with an evolving twist. It Never Ends features alien opponents that mutate when you beat them enough. As they evolve, you'll...

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