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Monsters in FFT: Rebirth have all had a substantial upgrade. They have increased hitpoints and attack statistics along with many new innate abilities combined with improved skillsets. Some of the most notable changes are that Goblins "Steal" now and that Chocobos have increased movement. Higher end monsters such as Tiamats even have abilities such as Hamedo.

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All monsters have had their HP Multiplier increased by approximately 20%. Tier 3 monsters have had their HP Multiplier increased by roughly 50%. Additionally monsters are in general faster than their human counterparts at equal level because they get no speed boosting equipment.

  • Chocobos: Increased Movement, Increased MA Multiplier, All Have Choco Esuna Base
  • Goblins: Increased Class Evade, Revamped Abilites (Steal)
  • Bombs: Attack UP Innate
  • Panthers: Increased Class Evade, Tier 3 Improved Abilites, Improved Beastmaster Abilites
  • Mindflayers: Improved Move, Teleport Innate, Counter Magic Innate, Revamped Skills
  • Skeletons: Arrow Guard Innate, Improved Abilites Ghouls: Improved Move, Damage Split
  • Flotiballs: Immune Petrify, Wind Weakness, Half Earth, Increased Class Evade, Improved Abilities
  • Hawks: Improved Movement, Improved and Altered Skillset
  • Trees: Altered Skillset, Improved Abilities, Always Regen, Tier 3 has Defend Up Innate
  • Minotaurs: Improved Abilities, Meatbone Slash Innate, Defend Up Innate
  • Morbol: Altered Skillset, Move-HP Up Innate
  • Behemoths: Altered Skillset, Improved Abilities, Defend Up Innate, Magic Defend Up Innate
  • Dragons: Improved Abilities, Defend Up Innate, Magic Attack Up Innate
  • Tiamats: Improved Abilities, Attack Up Innate, Hamedo instead of Counter

Below is a full list of abilities for every monster and their appropriate Monster Skill abilities that are unlocked.

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