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It is time we unvail who the main characters of the mod are and what they are capable of, also who they work for in the storyline of the mod and the expansion. These include awaited United Nations, North Korean, South Korean, Chaos Faction and Soviet Militia Faces.

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Hey guys, after a long delay of updates, we are beginning to recover at a slow rate, after getting together information which we still have on the mod's commanders. These commanders will have unique units, branches on what commander is stationed with and their rank. We also have armour classes/designations and what faction they are affiliated with.

Lets start showing the commanders.

United Nations Commanders:

General Ironside:
Rank: 5 Star UN General
Branch: Advanced Technical Units
Units: M3A2 "Warrior" MBT, JS-5 "Stalker" Heavy Tank, Elite Ranger

General Frank Martinez:
Rank: 4 Star UN General
Branch: United Nations Air Command
Units: F-22A King Raptor Prototype, AC-133 Gunship, RAH-68 Sparrow

General Gordan Thompson
Rank: 4 Star UN General
Branch: Special Forces Division
Units: M5A1 "Tauren" Rocket MLRS, JS-3 "Mammoth" Heavy Tank, Officer, Field Medic

North Korean Army Commanders:

President Choi Song:
Rank: Commander In Chief
Branch: North Korean Leader
Units: GK3 "Jaguar" Desolation Cannon, Propaganda Truck, Mercenary

General Ching Chang:
Rank: 4 Star General
Branch: North Korean Chemical Weapons Division
Unique Tech: GK4 "Hammerhead" Artillery, Anthrax Missile Superweapon

Commander Dung Hwangbo
Rank: 4 Star Commander
Branch: North Korean Division 39 Leader
Units: Pheonix Sniper, BTR-70 APC, RPG Battle Squad, Rifleman Battle Squad

South Korean Commanders:

Agent Mitchell Buford
Rank: Commander in Chief
Branch: South Korean Army Leader
Units: To be Confermed

Commander Yung Park
Rank: 4 Star Commander
Branch: ROKA Commander
Units: To be Confermed

Soviet Militia Commanders:

Premier Alexander Romanov
Rank: Commander in Chief
Branch: Soviet Militia Armed Forces Leader
Units: SU-37 Fighter, T-34 "Hammer" Light Tank, D2G3 "Sherman" Medium Tank

Commander Kevin Sydney
Rank: 5 Star Commander
Branch: Special Forces Division
Units: V3 Missile Launcher, JS-4 "Apocalypse" Heavy Tank, Conscript Squad

General Nikolai Krukov
Rank: 5 Star General
Branch: Soviet Infantry Division
Units: Fundamentalist, Rocket Sniper, Conscript, Officer, Scorcher Flak Van

Chaos Faction Leaders:

John Proton
Rank: Commander in Chief
Branch: Chaos Faction Leader
Units: J2K3 Jackal Battle Tank, Cyborg

Khaled Deathstrike
Rank: 4 Star Commander
Branch: Terror Cell Lieutenent
Units: Terrorist, JS-6 "Devastator" Super Tank, BM-21 "Grad" MLRS

That is all for now. About the "To be Confermed" status, South Korea's Units are not confermed at this time.

Vehicle Classes (To avoid confusion):

American Based Armour (Code M"A"):
M3A2 "Warrior" MBT
M5A1 "Tauren" Rocket MLRS

North Korean Based Vehicles (GK")
GK3 "Jaguar" Desolation Cannon
GK4 "Hammerhead" Artillery

Russian Based Armour
D2G3 "Sherman" Medium Tank
T-34 "Hammer" Light Tank

Juno-Supertank Class (JS-")
JS-3 "Mammoth" Tank
JS-4 "Apocalypse" Tank
JS-5 "Stalker" Tank
JS-6 "Devastator" Tank

On the JS-", D"G2, GK" Armour Classes, those are fiction classes of units which are included in the mod, if you see anymore mistake post a comment below and i'll sort'em out for ya.


Glad to see progress after that incident.
( )

I've recently had to reformat my hard drive due to similar circumstances so loads of stuff from my personal mod was lost.

Best of luck.

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BronzeJackson Author

Damn, sorry to see that ya personal mod was lost, i hope u restart your mod soon.

Also thanks for the inspiration.

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