Reign of Conflagration is a rebirth of the old mod which has been changed around, this is aimed at Generals's expansion, Zero Hour, consisting of five new sides and sub-groups for you to take charge of, The timeline is alternated with changes to the campaign story-line, additions to old units, changes to units and new units which will make the army you side with unstoppable.

On the year 2026, the GLA has re-awakened from the ashes of their former power after their defeat in 2025, now known as the fully armed and prepared Global Liberation Resistance Forces, this time they are here to cause terror to China and America as you fight in Europe as 5 new factions rise up from hiding to help China, America or GLRF.

Right now as of 2031, wars have been popping up all over the world due to either the Global Liberation Resistance Forces or an unknown enemy known as the Forth Reich of Yuri, various battles have been found popping up all-over European territories along with large scale fights in South America, Africa, North America and even in Asia and the Middle East. Only you, General can choose the fate of these regions by picking a faction of your desire in a new series of missions and also fight against the sectors and generals of new factions in a new fully redesigned Generals Mode.

Take charge of the multiracial liberation army of the Company of Liberty as their mission is to cleanse the GLRF from world forever and help restore world peace and ensure freedom is secured in Europe, or fight your enemies as the Forth Reich of Yuri, equipped with cloning technology and fully prepared forces to take on your enemies, weapons include technology such as grinder beams, tesla weapons and also home created fire compounds and radioactive weapons, also utilise Yuri's cloning technology to deploy infantry at a higher rate at the same cost and time of training to overwhelm your enemies.

Feeling a futuristic side effect? Then take charge of the Eurasian Commonwealth Security Network (ECSN), a force tasked with the defense of countries in Eurasia and also to provide assistance to many countries in Europe, their weapons along with technology consist of EMP, lasers, walkers, drone control units and also various VTOL units the forces of the ECSN can utilise against their enemies at your desire.

Default Game Sides:
United States Task Forces (American Marine and Ranger Forces)
Color: Blue
Primary Focus: Hi-Tech Equipment, Aircraft
Weaknesses: Not much Infantry

Iron Dragon PLA (China's Offshore Battle Forces)
Color: Red
Primary Focus: Heavy Tanks and Fair Infantry, Microwave Weapons
Weaknesses: Slow Moving Tanks, Expensive Defenses

Global Liberation Resistance Forces (Successor faction of the GLA)
Color: Green
Primary Focus: Stealth, Guerrilla and ABC Weapons
Weaknesses: Weak Vehicles and Poor Infantry

Modification Sides:
These new factions have various gameplay styles and unique sets of units for any commander to utilise in the heat of battle, also comes with 5 optional regiments for deployment from the Command Center, the following factions confirmed for Reign of Conflagration are known as the following:

Company of Liberty
Color: Aqua Blue
Primary Focus: Fair use of Infantry, Modified Vehicles
Weaknesses: Large Bases can be Easily Destroyed, No Multi-Role Defenses

The Company of Liberty operates with recruits from any society, ethnic group and race, their vehicles consist of ones ordered from military contractors, restored, rebuilt and recovered for re-use in their campaign. Currently the Allied Nations operated force has a vicious rivalry with the Forth Reich due to Yuri's use of tactics, also being at war for several years with orders to liberate the region from Yuri's forces.

Eurasian Commonwealth Security Network
Color: Orange
Primary Focus: Futuristic Weaponry, Robots, Powerful Soldiers
Weaknesses: Expensive Defensive Structures

Take command as a high commander of The Eurasian Commonwealth Security Network, a faction and well organised world-wide military asset which assists America and China in their campaign against the GLRF, the Eurasian Commonwealth technology consists of Modern, futuristic and powerful vehicles, aircraft and weapons as they help the Company of Liberty to secure their homeland against the GLRF Aggression, the ECSN and Company of Liberty are good in anyway on helping the PLA Iron Dragon and America take Europe from the hands of terrorist forces.

Forth Reich of Yuri
Color: Dark Brown
Primary Focus: Mass Produced Vehicles, Special Infantry, Contamination
Weaknesses: Fast Moving Targets, Weak Tanks, Special Soldiers vulnerable EMP

Take Charge of a Battle Commissar of the nationalist (and fictional) Forth Reich of Yuri as they strike upon the Company of Liberty, the Global Liberation Resistance Forces and anyone which gets in their way, The Forth Reich prefers to utilise mass produced battle machines of aircraft, vehicles and cheap trained Infantry.

New Andes Armada
Colour: Yellow
Primary Focus: Combined Support Units
Weaknesses: Demoralized without Support

Organised by the Company of Liberty, the United States of America and also the presidents, prime ministers and leaders of countries in South America, the New Andes Armada is a continental military force that have been formed to deal with the Global Liberation Resistance and also their allies after reports were received of them attempting to take South American territories.

Middle East Alliance
Colour: Brown
Primary Focus: Unique Country Specific Units
Weaknesses: Upgrade tiers for better units

After years of aggression and occupation of the GLA and the GLRF, five nations from the Middle East and Asia banded together to form a faction to liberate their territories from the occupation of terrorists with the help from the Company of Liberty, instead of sectors, deploy a country of your desire and take the fight to your enemies with unique weapons ranging from the Merkava battle tank to the heavy armoured Hotknife heavy tank.

Take on enemies with a vast range of infantry, vehicles, aircraft and other military weapons to use at your disposal while you fight those who are against you. With new additions of new infantry, vehicles, aircraft, upgrades, abilities, generals powers to the three old factions and 5 new factions with sub-groups to take charge of with the weapons of the future and weapons from classic eras of war within your grasp and within command. Will you fight for Freedom? Or will you fight for World Domination?

The Reign of Conflagration Website is under construction so be patient with us, we are doing it up to best to meet the standards for the mod.

You can check our Wiki based on the Company of Liberty and check out unit profiles of each of the Company's Infantry but Aircraft, Vehicles & all the other categories are still blank & awaiting for new ideas. If you have an idea for the Company, maybe a vehicle, a misc vehicle for missions, aircraft, buildings or generals powers, register here to your right: Reign of Conflagration Forums and post away, the Forth Reich Faction is based off the Red Alert Faction known as Yuri, this faction sets on control of the world by a mysterious stranger known only as "Yuri".

Just a quick-note, the Reign of Conflagration wikia is currently on lock-down due to a possible vandalism attempt by someone. Are apologise deeply for any inconvenience caused but we will take the lock-down status off when the problem has been sorted

Also, old News, articles, features and images are remainents of the Old Mod which was erased from our hard-drive back in 2009. Stay tuned for updates on the this new reborn of the old Generals modification now aimed for Zero Hour.

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RSS Articles

Command Activated

Opening Battlefield Control.....
Battle Control Exstabished

Verify General Name.....
SmasherJackson, Secondary Allied Nations OAT Command
Verification Complete

Opening News Files:
Ladies and gentlemen, allies, soldiers, civilians and modders, from what it has been since our last news post it has been 3 or 4 years from the scene but I also understand that things were somewhere on the quiet side of things but life has been keeping us all at bay due to school, college and other life projects would like to announce that we're back in full swing, yes this is not a joke we're back in business and also to make up for lost time we will be working on showcasing and revealing content & new ideas on how to improve not only overall gameplay but also fix any unwelcome bugs & glitches.

Also as an added bonus we will be doing video previews and progress reports hopefully to keep everyone informed on what is going on, so as of recent we've just got the game re-installed in a newer PC finally after trying to get it to work for sometime so afterwards we just need to get the required files and programs in order to resume programming, modelling, texturing and extraction in order to insert new units, structures and even possibly some new missions & maps so we're gonna be somewhere down the line busy. Don't worry, we're not cancelling the project because of life holding us back but to keep a steady flow & control between life and working on Reign of Conflagration we'll be releasing monthly renders, previews along with progress reports starting in September time of 2017.

That'll be all everyone, stay calm & keep watch, not only we're back in full action and ready to resume work on the project, we're just getting started for something new.

Closing News Files.

End Transmission
Battlefield Control Terminated
Signing Off

We're Not Dead Yet

We're Not Dead Yet

News 3 comments

Just a quick heads up, we're not dead yet, we just had a long hiatus

May Update - Slow Progress + New Challengers

May Update - Slow Progress + New Challengers


A quick update on progress, New Challengers and additional info

Recruitment Drive Now On!

Recruitment Drive Now On!


A Summery for the Reign of Conflagration Recruitment Drive

Possible Community Beta Test November-December

Possible Community Beta Test November-December

News 1 comment

An Update on Frontlines of Terror, also soon a possible chance of a community Beta Test

RSS Files


Vehicle Model 2 comments

Ever wanted to scout the battlefield at quick speeds? Then this would be suitable for you. This Christmas settle in with Snowbikes! Fixed the vehicle...

USA Predator Tank

USA Predator Tank

Vehicle Model 5 comments

This is a fixed model of the Beta USA Predator tank for C&C Generals Zero Hour, instructions on how to install will be stated in the description.

GLA Magnetron Tank

GLA Magnetron Tank

Vehicle Model 5 comments

A new tank for the GLA. Comes with an ECM Jamming Module. This tank used to be for the GLA in ZH: Hell Blow Out but was then cut from production. Now...

Vulcan Series Crusader Tank

Vulcan Series Crusader Tank

Vehicle Model 9 comments

A new infantry killer tank for the United States. Armed with a gattling gun and can build drones. This tank used to be for San Andreas but was then cut...

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is this still alive for 2019?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Is this still alive for 2020?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

is this still in development? in 2018?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This looks like a very nice mod. Do you need a tester for it? I can test the mod and report any bugs that I can found. Good job and keep working on it!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

They are still around. Just not that active in Moddb. :3 ...Followed.

"Be Patient," - Apocalypse, RA2.


Last edit is 23 hours ago:

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Where can I download the mod ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is this mod still alive or is it dead as a door nob ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Is this mod still alive Jackson?

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BronzeJackson Creator

We're still around, don't worry my friend :)

At the moment we're just taking abit of time off, you know real life has been catching up with many of us along with the mod's development team with various things like school, college, social life etc etc.

More details about upcoming renders & so on will be coming in the next few weeks/months, I'll keep you & everyone updated.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Glad to hear the mod is still alive I was getting a little worried. Anyway I look foreword to see what updates you have store for us.

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