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A faction preview for the Armenia Kingdom of Cilicia. (Also featuring some new OSP assets.)

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The Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia

After the devastating raids of Seljuks, thousands of Armenians moved toward Cilicia - region of Armenia Minor situated between the Taurus and Amanus mountains close to Mediterranean coast. The Armenian population in Cilicia gradually became predominant.

The first Armenian rulers of Cilicia, such as Constantine I and Thoros I led successful warfare against both Saracens and Greeks.

During the ruling of Leon II, when Cilicia enjoyed the period of a prosperous development, the Third Crusade was proclaimed in Europe. The Roman Emperor Frederic I Barbarossa, the French King Philip II Augustus and the English King Richard the Lion-Hearted assembled their forces to recapture Jerusalem from Saladin. Arriving in Asia Minor, Frederic Barbarossa proposed an alliance to Leon II. The Armenian King promised to supply the Europeans with food and horses.

Leo established useful alliances with many of the contemporary rulers; he also gained the friendship and support of the Hospitallers and the Teutonic Knights by granting considerable territories to them and as such he has got support from the Hospitaller Knights.

The Cilician Armenian Kingdom then was reinforced after Leon II gained the upper hand in the long-term conflict over the Latin princes of the neighboring Principality of Antioch . The Armenian King captured Antioch in 1216.

While the inhabitants of Greater Armenia eye-witnessed the loss of their national statehood and numerous foreign invasions, the Cilician Armenians lived in wealth and prosperity. Good geographic location involved the country into an intensive international trade. Science and culture flourished. This period of Armenian history is regarded as the brilliant Age of Ecclesiastical manuscript painting.

Now, as ruler of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, you have to take measures to keep the borders safe from turkish raids and keep the trade, being so vital for your kingdom, active in your ports.

Be aware though, that danger is very close... The Mongols, a threat that is not to be taken lightly, will no doubt cause havoc in the neighboring kingdoms. Will you seek out alliance with them or be stubborn and have it your way? Do know however, that even if you give in to the might of the mongol hordes, the egyptian mamelukes, enemies of all mongols, may take this as an insult and direct their attention to you...

Be wise in your choices whom you wish to be allied with !


Levy Archers

Armenian Azat Archers

Armenian / Latinized Serjeant Crossbowmen

Levy Spearmen

Armenian Mountaineers

Armenian Spearmen

Armenian / Latinized Serjeant Spearmen

Armenian Heavy Infantry

Armenian Horse Archers

Armenian Mounted Serjeants

Armenian Knights

Armenian Nakharar Bodyguard

Note, that names of the units may change and some units will be added later to the roster.


No... patriotism... no... damn. Have... to buy Total War: Atilla now... even though I don't have the money for it. Grrrr... damn you brilliant modders! But jokes behind... very, very well made. Just have to buy the game now and wait till the mod comes out. Keep up the good work! :)

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I like the look of the Serjeant Spearmen and daang the Knights look badass! This seems like a very interesting country to play as.

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