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I wrote an article about this nice and coming mod. We don't know much thing about it, but the pictures are very promising...

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Maybe every Men of war mod fanatic knows this mod. I decided to write a little article about it. Heer_Sturmfuhrer is a very skilled modeller, and his profession is the human model making, this is the hardest part of modelling.
Here is the mod:

The story started on Aug 18th, 2010, when the first picture was appeared. There is a German soldier on it, not big thing, but this was an HD model, and we don't seen too much HD in that times in Men of War before.
Prototye German Head 1 Prototye German Head 1

Then the headgears...
Various Heer Peaked Caps M34 Field Cap Variations

The quality is on the top, and every WW2 fan liked these pictures, and the mod became very famous in here. After a week, we seen more beautiful models.

British BEF Forces - Infantry & Tank Commander US Infantry & Armoured Units - Alpha BuildGerman Gebrisjager & Grenadiers from 1940/41 German Assorted Winter 44/45 Uniforms

German M36 Greatcoat Models - Protoype German Panzer Crew on the move

The big waiting is started. We didn't seen too much updates in this times, but I think a big thing is brewering in the background. Anyway, this mod will be a big hit. We wish good luck for you, Heer_Sturmfuhrer!


Good work, Attila!

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ya awesome

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