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A new devlog is out for this hotly anticipated sequel, so here's five mods for previous games to brush up on your tactical skills!

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A devlog for Men of War II, the highly-anticipated sequel to this tactical military franchise, has been released, showcasing the transformation of the series from its earliest roots and the lessons learned for the newest entry. Whilst we wait for a release of the series' newest game - which has a history of great modding support - here's five mods for previous games to hone your abilities!

Ultimate Mod Warhammer 40k

By Ra30R3

New model for Rotor Cannon

What begins with the number 40, rhymes with the words notal aversion, and are everywhere you look on ModDB? If you got 40k total conversion, you guessed right. It's hard to write an editorial without a quality 40k mod sneaking in somewhere and Men of War is no exception. Subject to a few attempts to port the grim darkness of the far future into the franchise, the most successful has been Ultimate Mod, porting in realism features for an extra dose of visceral combat.

Dynamic Campaign Generator (DCG)

By Dynamic Campaign Generator

Malaxa UE

Dynamic Campaign Generator (DCG) is a mod for the game "Men of War" and some of its successors that randomly generates skirmish missions and lets you keep your surviving forces from one battle to another. The main limiting factor on player content for some games is whatever ships with it, and mods are one way to expand this feature set. However, procedural/randomly generated content can have a much longer life-cycle, especially if you introduce extra content along the way to keep people invested. DCG has been enhancing Men of War's replayability extensively for years since 2006, and not yet received a feature, placement in MOTY, or perhaps even a headline - so it gives me special pleasure to finally have ModDB recognise this amazing mod, updated as recently as 2019!

MOW:VN - Unbroken Warriors

By davoo68

Some pictures in GEM

Men of War: Vietnam is not as highly reviewed as the other entries in the series, leading to mods like Unbroken Warriors - a modpack/original work mix containing many new features and ways to experience the game. More hardcore mechanics like injuries and weapon jamming make encounters more tense, whilst new animations and additional vehicles enhance the options available to players.

A Divided Nation

By keke10272

First skirmish map

'A Divided Nation' is about the war between the South and North in United States, the American Civil War - one of the bloodiest war that fought on American's soils. Being a war that has been trawled and poured over for decades of war historian work, it's no wonder it has also received focus in many mods including the highly-tactical Men of War franchise. In a series where every loss counts and careful strategy is the way forwards, the brutal nature of the Civil War is even more apparent.

The Clones of War

By Mechanized Boot

Star Wars: Clones of War combines the epicness and realism of Men of War with the Star Wars universe. Players are able to command the Grand army of the Republic or the Droid Armies of the Separatists in a way never seen before, allowing them to experience the Clone Wars as seen in the movies. Star Wars is another franchise that manages to work its way into every game eventually, and Men of War has, like 40k, seen a few attempts, with The Clones of War being one of the more successful.

Marching Forwards

Men of War II is the upcoming sequel in the WW2 (and sometimes other conflicts) oriented Men of War franchise. Placing a special emphasis on tactical gameplay and dangerous engagements, the fans of this franchise have developed a diehard fascination with good play and the options available to them as a player. The second entry has just released a devlog respecting the history of the franchise whilst exploring in what ways they plan to innovate with the sequel, breaking down the development history of Men of War and the future of the series.

Image 8

Men of War II promises to continue the tactical, high-stakes gameplay of its predecessors

No One Left Behind

Men of War II is expected to launch later this year, and can currently be wishlisted on Steam. There's no word yet on an official release date, or the game's intended capacity for modding, but given the output of their community, one can hope developer Best Way is aware of the huge benefit to their game's life cycle supporting the modding community would have.

Check out more Men of War: Assault Squad mods here!

As Assault Squad and the sequel are the most modded on the site, you can find the second entry here.

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