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Our next faction preview is the Teutonic Order, enjoy!

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The Teutonic Order

Ordo domus Sanctæ Mariæ Theutonicorum Hierosolymitanorum


Prussian Archers

Livonian Auxiliary Crossbowmen

Spear Militia

Sergeant Spearmen

Armored Sergeants

Notice that the animation tables have been changed, so that the unit holds its weapon as a spear when idle, but fights with it like with a 2h axe as well as 2h spear, to make the unit more versatile.

Mounted Crossbowmen

Halbbrüder / Half Brothers

Berittene Schwertbrüder / Mounted Swordbrethren

Fratres militiæ Christi Livoniae

Schwertbrüder / Swordbrethren

Ritterbrüder / Brother Knights

Grandmaster Hermann von Salza and his most trusted knights

A few things to keep in mind: the roster is not yet finished, later era units still need to be done / finished, and the Order will also have access to some AOR units and mercenaries. The units you see here are for the major part rather heavy, and this will be one weakness of the Order: it does not have many reliable fast light units and the native troops will be scarce, in the beginning at least, so you won´t see armies full of knights.

Also notice, that there are different banners for the ranged unit, the infantry, the cavalry and the knights as well as the Grandmaster.

Hope you enjoy

levoy1 - - 119 comments

Cool stuff =)

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XamiX - - 125 comments


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StellarAngel - - 546 comments

Awesome, cant wait for more :)

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jfpoliveira12 - - 3,724 comments

Cool Teuton roster, cant wait to see Novgorod, the Teutonic and Crusade modes were my favourite on the Medieval Total War 2 expo pack.

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Woofy_McDoodle - - 195 comments

Damn this looks so good keep up the good work ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
NoX92 - - 40 comments

This looks great, I can't wait to play this mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
berk1914 - - 42 comments

looks great.I cannot wait to play the attila version after playing your custom battle version for rome 2(teutonic spearmen uses defensive testudo.Useful but kind of awkward)

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ESmod - - 128 comments

Willthere be Teuton knight swordsmen maybe two handed like in KoH or smth like that?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
pandamayhem - - 40 comments

This is all amazing, but why don't the knights have gauntlets?

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Styl2000 - - 9 comments


I don't want to sound rude there is something I'v seen in both the previews and in your Rome 2 mod, there aren't so many swordsmen, entirely the opposite from medieval 2 were spearmen were almost useless.

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Templarmaster044 - - 127 comments

Happy to see different models of mine,I'm feeling good you used them for your great mod.

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Valarauko_IV - - 101 comments

This looks awesome! But one question: Will there be dismounted variants of Halb- and Ritterbrüder?

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

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