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A quick behind-the-scenes dissection of how we created Reynald's eyes!

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Someone on Reddit asked us how we made Reynald’s eyes and we thought we’d answer with a post!

Reynald’s eyes are made up of four simple planes overlaid on top of each other (two planes per eye). One for the iris/pupil and one for the eye itself. Those planes sit on top of Reynald’s face geometry.

We applied a simple texture material to the plane in the back that can be offset to show different eye expressions. The plane on top, however, has a masked texture material that uses two textures: One is the iris texture itself and the other is the same texture used for the eye plane. The mask texture essentially masks the iris texture so it only appears through the white part of the eye texture. This makes the iris appear inside the white of the eye, even though its actually a separate plane and texture!

After that, we simply offset the material’s pupil texture position to make it look like he’s looking around!

Although… we should probably match the eye movement instead of mirroring them.

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