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What has been modified by me in NotePad and what's the difference from Complex 8 beta 0.9?

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1. Some ships now have greater firepower. (maybe much greater for some...) This is achived mainly by increasing the fire rate, in order to produce a magnificient battle atmosphere. But this also makes the battle more fierce and dangerous.
2. All combat capital ships can now fly faster just like in the Path to Victory mod, as the manual guide of Path to Victory said, physically, every object should be able to reach the same speed in space. But unlike Path to Victory, I also made all ships able to pitch at any angle, because this looks more realistic in 3D space.
3. All subsystems can now be selected and damaged, is this simple or complex? That is the problem.
4. Many weapons have been fine tuned, having either greater range, accuracy or penetration. This actually makes the game more playable on the one hand, for example you can destroy subsystems more easily (especially with nuke and ion) in order to cope with some formidable enemy targets. On the other hand, is this simple or complex? That is the problem.
5. All combat capital ships can now take dramatic maneuvers just like the lovely Vortex does. In fact many of them are very smart now and able to behave differently engaging specifc types of enemy. This really gives them a much higher change of survival in direct conflict with enemy forces. (Especially, frigates are no longer that pathetic...) And it's quite cool to watch all the ships flying around all over the battlefront raining missiles and shells.
6. New music
7. New badges
8. Some maps have been added or modified
9. Some turrets and subsystems have been added or changed
10. Some new ships
11. Some new upgrades
12. User interface is a little different
13. Fighters and Corvettes have afterburner ability now
14. Some bugs fixed
15. Improved game fluency
16. Enhanced AI
17. New game type
18. New visualization and audio effects

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