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List of SW Legends which come across DP plot (Spoilers)

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The Dark Pastime is a modification to one of the best (perhaps) games set in Star Wars Universe – Jedi Academy, sometimes referred to as Jedi Knight III. Our team strongly believes, that Star Wars is a well-balanced and dramatically strong universe, full of captivating stories besides Original Saga and the Prequels, which includes a lot of other material – books, short stories, comics, video games, animated series and much more.

While working on DP we create not just a new plot and diverse missions, but a homage both to the legends we like and to the respectful authors, who contributed a lot so that our dreams came alive.

Below is the list of some of the stories, which we either kept in mind or they inspired us to work on the project. In most cases certain elements from these made into Dark Pastime.

  • Jedi Knight and Dark Forces are the starting point for the whole project.
  • Events of The New Rebellion and Specter of the Past are mentioned/referenced by various characters.
  • Crisis on Almania is concurrent with some events of DP.
  • Kyle Katarn’s family house is the first level in Sulon missions.
  • Rogue Squadron is referenced throughout the game.
  • KOTOR locations and events are present or mentioned.
  • Selkath and one more species from KOTOR are present.
  • Imperial Architecture is partly influenced by SW Galactic Battlegrounds.
  • A technology seen in Clone Wars series, The Force Unleashed and SW TOR is used in one of the missions.
  • One location and two characters from Mysteries of the Sith are present.
  • One location and a feature from SW Battlefront I (II) are set for one of the latest missions.
  • Star Wars Rebel Assault is taken “into account”.
  • Coruscant Air Taxi provides excellent views.
  • Shadows of the Empire strike back.
  • A person allied with Darth Vitiate of the Reconstituted Sith Empire is present.
  • Events of Jedi Outcast are a “backstory” for one of the missions.
  • Hello from Star Wars Galaxies.

And others...



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