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A brief rundown of Legend Return's great features!

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  • Total conversion based on Call of Chernobyl version 1.4.22
  • Overall mod feeling and features based on Oblivion Lost and old SoC builds
  • Restored original content from previous Shadow of Chernobyl builds
  • Brand new storyline for each of the 9 original factions
  • 2 new factions, taken from previous Stalker SOC builds, each with their own storyline!
  • Restored original feeling and graphics from the original builds
  • New interface
  • Expanded weapon arsenal, based on older builds
  • Restored many quests and quest-lines from SoC, CS and CoP...
  • ... And a plethora of brand new quests!
  • In-depth leveling system
  • Limited bolts!
  • Human sacrifices!
  • And much more!

Um... "human sacrifices?"

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Well brand new quests and new faction storylines? =D I guess we gonna get some sort of old sin or dark stalkers =D OR ILLuMINATI *winking Lost Alpha's direction - wink wink* =D

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Does this mod have dynamic anomalies?

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