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Aperture Science Labotories, Research and Development Labs (TM) -what is it? What do they do? In this article the team introduces you into the work of Aperture Science, what they do and why they do it.

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Aperture Science. Mostly known in the government as "The Lab". But what do they do? Most of the people think, they invent and produce part of different machines. From a car door over shower heads to dung for plants. Yes, most of the people, the citizen, think that.

But today we look behind the scenes. We get to know, what Aperture does. What they really do.

Aperture Science Labotories is a Research and Development facility based in the United States of America.

The best worker, physicist, chemist, mathematician and biologist work for the facility. The main accepter is the US-Government. In their order Aperture produces vehicles, helicopter and high performed weapons for every kind of war.
Their last job was, to create a gun which can be used in Afghanistan. Because Aperture Science invents also chemical and biological arms, they have security level 3++, this means they are allowed to have their own heavy armed security, the Aperture Science (TM) Protection Force. Also they are allowed to arrest violators or to incapacitate secret agents if they have stolen internal development progress and don't want to cooperate.
If a live of a security guard or of a scientist in danger, they are allowed to use the final and fatal shot to save lives and to protect the research.

But Aperture Science invent also a complete new technology: The Portals.
Invented by a women named Sarah, you're able to go threw dimensions. But unfortunately Aperure Science doesn't tells us something about these Portals.

Aperture Science is not a secret lab. Only what they do is a secret. And only the highest ranked politicans know the truth of Aperture Science.

But maybe, they don't know everything....


well, well, well... Something other than HL² universe sounds cool =°)

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if this is ifact still portal and aperture science is part of the hl2 universe then shouldn't it tie in? lol i do like the idea though its awesome, i will just be a bit weird playing something so similar to portal outside the hl2 universe

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