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Interview which shows something about the developer. Please note that this interview was created some time ago when the mod was only a concept and it was not public at any site so some informations are of older date (especially the number of team members is now larger).

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1] Write a short presentation of yourself (name, age, etc.)
My name is Michael and I live in a small town in Veneto. Currently I have 19 years and I'm studying in a technical institute to become a mechanical engineer. But despite this I like to play occasionally on the computer, although I much prefer to change the files of several games, especially Call of Duty 2, which I consider one of the best PC games based on World War II. My interests are mainly all about the world of mechanics and the Second World War.

2] Write a short presentation of the mod you're working on.
The mod will be officially called Back2Fronts (B2F) with the aim to deeply change the experience of playing Call of Duty 2 by replacing existing models with much more realistic ones, by introducing new historically correct weapons, vehicles, etc. and by adding new nations. We want to improve Call of Duty 2 in the name of realism hoping to offer a new gaming experience both for the singleplayer and multiplayer.

3] Why are you doing this mod for CoD2?
I decided to create this mod for two reasons:
Firstly, I think Call of Duty 2 is still a game with great potential and the best game set in World War II. I had various experiences with Call of Duty 2, both as an off-line or online player, plus also as a clan boss. Call of Duty 2 is a game with which I spent a long time.
The second reason is that the difficulty of creating new Call of Duty 2 models led many modellers of older Call of Duty games not to create new models for Call of Duty 2. So Call of Duty 2 is a game that really needs a serious mod...

4] What do you hope to achieve with this mod?
I hope Call of Duty 2 will be played again under a new light.

5] What do you think of the other team members?
I can say that my workmate is serious and competent in the field, which has already proven to be able to create good models for Call of Duty 2.

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