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Upcoming internationalization. Everyone should be able to use and understand YRPG!

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Everyone should be able to use and understand YRPG

Theoretically the internationalization of YRPG Toolkit for the release is finished.

Japanese, Italian, Spanish and English will be the first available languages.

But the internationalization part and change of languages during runtime causes some strange UI deformations. I am really sure: the architecture of my code is responsible for this ugly issue. My bad - I was young, unexperienced and tried to create a powerful tool from scratch.

But - just one part of the early development process are affected. The YRPG Mainframe.
To recreate the bad things, would mean another refactoring phase of at least one week.All other tools and areas of my toolkit are working great with internationalization.


Different parts of YRPG running in japanese mode

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