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We're definitely interested in adding animations to our mods. However, creating the later ones is not that simple and requires a lot of spare time.

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Mass Effect Reborn had to include animations. If you have been following us for a few years, you know that for Stargate Space Conflict, we did it several times and we always did our best. In such case, the first ship animated in Mass Effect Reborn had to be the Reaper capital ship (Sovereign Class).

Such animations are important because we want everyone to be feel the Mass Effect experience with our mod and that includes them being able to enjoy the game itself.

Here you have a little video about the first animation for Mass Effect Reborn
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But a lot of people ask us if we can do the same animations as the ME3's cinematics. Unfortunately, no. This will be the final animation because in Homeworld2, both animations are set by moving models and so on... You can't have mecanical animations like the Mass Effect Universe. It means, you can't animate to many things and you can't move a little part from a moving part.

Part A is the most important part. In games that support mecanical animations, the part A will move the other parts perhaps the later ones will be able to move aswell in their own directions but they will stay with the part A.

So if the Part A is moving, the Part B will move aswell and then the Part C.
However in games like Homeworld2, if you move the Part A, all the rest will move and you won't be able to move the Part B differently so there is only one part in fact. It means, you can't select one part and move it differently from others because they are "together" whereas new game engines are using mecanical animations which allows the modding community to create better animations.
Even if the Homeworld2 engine is a bit old right now, this engine is one of the best ever created for a space game because the later is still good.

For example, we can compare Homeworld2 & SOASE. The idea is not to say which one is better because they are not based on the same gameplay so we can't even compare. I mean, in SOASE, you can't create such animations as the Homeworld 2 engine and that's a good point. So even if Homeworld 2 can't do the same animations as the Mass Effect's cinematics, this is great for such a game to create such animations.

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Mastafroggy - - 96 comments

Awesome animation!

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mrCeal - - 71 comments

I don't care if it can't look exactly like in the Mass Effect cinematics. I was blown away by how amazing that Sovereign-class looks in the video. A+, guys!

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Alekxandr9 - - 229 comments

It would be possible to transfer Homeworld 2 on a new cursor of Unity of 4-version, it would be possible?

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Phoenix_Int - - 144 comments

I don't understand what you said. Could you be more precise please ?
If you have questions, feel free to ask to our Russian translator.

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Alekxandr9 - - 229 comments

It would be possible, if to transfer the Homeworld 2 on the new game engine Unity 3d 4-version?

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