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A list of units for the Galactic Empire, and many there are. The Empire's military is definitely the largest of the game.

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-Noghri Assassins
-Imperial Colonel
-Shadow Stormtroopers

-Imperial Shocktroopers
-Imperial Operative
-Imperial Royal Guard
-Neimoidian, Trandoshan, Rodian, Mando, Chiss Auxiliaires
-Dark troopers Ph I-III


-Lancet Wing
-2-M Saber class Repulsor Tanks
-SPMA-T Artillery
-TIE Mauler
-MDU Company
-ISP Company

-TIE fighters


-Imperial Admiral


-Tartan Patrol Cruiser
-Bayonet Cruiser
-Guardian class Light Cruiser
-Broadside Cruiser


-Gladiator class Star Destroyer
-Vindicator Cruiser
-Immobilizer 418 Cruiser
-Victory class I Star Destroyer
-Victory class II Star Destroyer
-Acclamator class II Assault Ship
-Strike Cruiser
-Star Galleon
-Lancer Cruiser
-Tyrant Cruiser
-Victory II class Frigate
-Carrack Cruiser


-Imperial class I Star Destroyer
-Imperial class II Star Destroyer
-Tector class Star Destroyer
-Dominator class Star Destroyer
-Corellian Destroyer
-Dreadnaught class Heavy Cruiser
-Venator class Star Destroyer
-Procurator class Battleship

-Mandator class I Star Dreadnaught
-The Centurion (Executor class)
-The Executor (Executor class)
-Eclipse class Star Dreadnaught
-Death Star II

Imperial Intelligence Agency
Imperial Palace
Asteroid Mining Facility
Allied Alien Recruitment Center
Imperial Outpost
Imperial Fighter Factory
Imperial Missile Platform
Golan I-III

Darth Vader

Darth Acris

Mara Jade

General Veers

Grand Moff Tarkin

Moff Jerjerrod

Captain Pellaeon

Grand Admiral Thrawn

Boba Fett

Admiral Daala

Soontir Fel and the 181st

General Rohm Mohc

Admiral Piett

General Tagge

This list is subject to change, I may have forgotten some units so bear with me.

Du}{ - - 442 comments

Tector SD model was made by Evilejedi. Look through the sources of FOC Alliance mod on moddb.

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DarthCaesar Author
DarthCaesar - - 417 comments

We have someone making the model for it.

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deathtrooper900 - - 780 comments

A few questions and 1 suggestion
1. Are the Dark troopers going to be in the mod, I saw Rohm Mohc but i don't want to assume, and if so are you planning on adding the rest of that unit (Phase 0-3 and Purge trooper)? the scout troopers use snipers?
3 have you considered a heavy stormtrooper squad with rockets like the vanilla rebels have?
4. Are we going to see the SSD Lusankya (it was Isard's SSD)
watching your progress with great gusto, cant wait

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DarthCaesar Author
DarthCaesar - - 417 comments

Dark troopers yes, the scouts haven't changed, no heavy Stormtroopers, I decided against seeing as the Empire already has a vast number of infantry, and no Isard does not have her SSD seeing as the Empire can get 4 Executors already and the eclipse and sovereign, plus both Death Stars.

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StephenG2014 - - 786 comments

Is this unit list actually in the current version of the mod
or is this a FUTURE unit list for the next version

and if for this version, where do you get the 501st and 10th?

Thanks, Stephen .G.

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sepyep - - 16 comments

Will we get field troopers? :3 they were better trained n equipped than most...or EVO and incinerator troopers? :3 I would love more storm trooper corp diversity... But then some troopers were kinda pointless since in empires of war environment doesn't really do much. Examples being swamp, mine, And sea troopers

The only ones I could ever see working out are shadow troopers, storm commandos, storm trooper commander, scout trooper, nova trooper, shock trooper , E GUNNERS, , jump troopers, and squad 40 but maybe that's too much :3

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StephenG2014 - - 786 comments

What will the Emperor's Hands look like?
Will the Inquisitors look like the one from Rebels?

What are the 109th?

Is there a Grand Imperium Unit List?

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