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how to install Classical Age - Total War step by step

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The game is based on RTW 1.5, and is modfoldered, does not alter the original game, although there are some optional files (see later).

How to install the mod:

1. Check you have a fresh (unmodded) RTW 1.5 or BI 1.6 or even Alex 1.9 RTW version
2. Then you need to download Classical Age - Total War 1.1 and the two Patchs (and the optional addon 6 turns per year script if you want to play with it.)
3. Run the Classical Age - Total War 1.1, choose your own RTW path like : C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War\
4. Use the shortcut inside CATW mod folder, just put it on your desktop, you can also use the icon inside CATW mod folder.
5. Then open the Patch ( and unzip the data folder in the archive into the data folder inside the CATW mod directory (it should be like C:/Program Files/Activision/Rome - Total War/CATW/data)
6. Confirme to overwrite
7. Do the same with patch 1.1.3.
8. Done, you can play CATW with the latest version

Optional: How to install the 6 turns per year script:

1. Download and unzip the archive.
2. Copy the 'data' folder and paste onto the catw data folder.
3. Enjoy your 6tpy campaign with force diplomacy and darths formations!

* Some parts are not save game compatible.

**This small submod contains 5 summer turns and 1 winter turns force diplomacy, improved ai & 6tpy.

*** --- Forced shutdown ---

Press 'Esc' on the campaign map, then click on the '?' button in the
menu scroll to terminate the script.

When would this be useful? -- When you are already in a game and
exit back to the main menu to restart the campaign, or reload a saved
game, RTW does not automatically terminate the script, so you have
to do it yourself. If you leave the old script running, you'll have all
sorts of weird problems with the script in the new game.

**** The 6tpy script starts automatically. The force diplomacy script only runs if you select the question mark in the upper right corner of the screen during the diplomacy talks, after the question mark is clicked press the force diplomacy button to initiate the script.

Optional: How to install Night Battles:

1. Unzip
2. Open up 'night battles catw' and copy the 'data' folder.
3. Paste over your Classical Age Total War folder (Rome - Total War\catw) (The data folder from the archive must overwrite the data folder inside catw folder).
4. Enjoy night battles in CATW.

Night battles are now playable in campaign and the night fighter traits and triggers are added.

This add-on is not save game compatible. It works with RTW 1.5 .exe and does not require the BI .exe.

Optional: How to install Force Diplomacy Script:

1. Unzip
2. Open Force Diplomacy Script and copy the 'data' folder.
3. Paste into CATW folder (Rome - Total War\catw) (The data folder from the archive must overwrite the data folder inside catw folder).
4. Force the AI to accept your very reasonable proposals (no of course they aren't bias, no not at all )

*how to force the AI to accept a proposal

First you must click the ? in the upper right of the diplomacy box. Then you can force a faction to accept your offer by clicking on the "show me how" button.

How to create a new shortcut to play with the mod:

1. Make a copy of the Rome - Total War shortcut on your desktop or make a shortcut of RomeTW.exe (Obviously this shortcut must refer to the executable in the same folder than the catw folder - just in case you have more than one RTW installation on your computer)
2. Right-click on this new shortcut, then click on "Properties".
3. At the end of the target line, add: " -nm -show_err -mod:catw" (the space is needed)
4. "OK"
5. Then you should be able to launch the mod with this shortcut. If you want you can use the CATW icon located in the catw folder.

Feel free to post here if you have any problem related to installation.

Slayerscream - - 6 comments

Hi , My game shuts down every time I start a campaing , whats wrong?

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Painmace - - 341 comments

i had the same problem... if you play on steam i found that the easiest way was to copy the launch text thingy
( -nm -show_err -mod:catw -movie_cam ) you will need this one, and then go to steam and right click Rome: Total War and go to properties.. then you but that code in set launch options

then its worked fine.. you cant play the normal campaign too only the mod one (i havent tried to). Then i get this problem where i get stuck at the loading screen :/

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