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How do I install more than 1 copy/version of Star Trek Legacy?

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How do I install more than 1 copy/version of Star Trek Legacy?

Step 1:
First you need a clean unmodded copy of Leagcy to get this follow these instructions:

1. Start by renaming your existing "\Bethesda Softworks\Star Trek Legacy\" folder to something else such as "\Bethesda Softworks\Star Trek Legacy OLD\". This is usually located in "C:\Program Files\" or on pcs running a 64bit OS "C:\Program Files (x86)\".

2. Insert the Star Trek Legacy Dvd and start the installer. When it asks choose the "Repair" option. That will automatically reinstall Star Trek Legacy to the folder it was installed to originally.

3. At this point you can optionally install/reinstall the Legacy 1.1 and Legacy 1.2 patches. If you install either patch nacelles will not break off ships when the engines are damaged, but some various things do work better such as the "5" key and the Energy Acollation control. I run Legacy 1.0 all the time myself, but that's my preference to have the breaking engines etc.

Step 2:
You now have a nice clean fresh unmodified copy of Legacy to work with. To make more installs of Legacy just make copies of that folder, or rename it again and reinstall from the dvd. Do this as many times as needed to get enough copies for what you want to do. After that just install what ever mods you want to install to each copy of Legacy, just be sure you keep track and change the folder your installing the mods to.

You can leave an unmodified copy of the Legacy folder to duplicate in the future as needed. Or you can do what I did and compress it into an archive (such as .rar or .zip) and save a bit of space and extract it to make new copies as you need them. This saves having to dig out the dvd everytime you need a fresh install.

Then all you need to do then is make Icons to the various Legacy.exe's. Or use the UUTools for launching the various installs. The UUTools will launch any version of Legacy, be it UU, Stock, TB, AM, TLG, KOL etc. Just add it to the list of installs and when you want to launch it just pick the approprate path.


Why would I want more than 1 copy of Legacy installed at at time?

Because many mods are no compattible, mostly the "Total Conversion" or "TC" mods. They modify files that are modified in another mod the one will overwrite the other causing problems, in some cases they might not crash the game outright, while in others they will when installed to the same folder. The TCs for Legacy include UU, AM, TB, TLG, and some smaller "size" mods such as KOL and KOL+ as well as some that I haven't listed.

So if you want to play more than 1 of those at any given time you must have more than 1 copy of Legacy to install them to. Smaller mods such as Ships and Ship packs don't require their own install, they may be setup to only work with a certain TC though. Ships or even maps setup to work on "Stock" Legacy will work most of the TCs (TC stands for "Total Conversion mod", a large mod that requires an exclusive fresh install).

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