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Tahu's back for another adventure in 2023 - he's been Technic, he's been googly-eyed, and now, he's an articulated System model that has found its way into Heroes! Utilising the very newest in custom model import tech to allow all-original models for his head and weapon!

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GWP Tahu Reawakens - Bionicle Heroes: GWP Tahu Released

gwptahu thumb 4

Last year, we released Classic Tahu - in celebration of his great return in small form in the 90th Anniversary set. This year, we were fortunate enough to get a true tribute to Tahu's legend with a Gift With Purchase Lego set - built from Lego System, and with plenty of references for Bionicle fans to enjoy.

Based off of Classic Tahu, with modelling work by Miss_Plagued, implementation by myself, and tooling/advising provided by Hexadecimal Mantis, we utilised the most cutting-edge modding techniques to import all-original models of GWP Tahu's head and weapon into Heroes! We documented this process over on the community's modding Discord, which you can join here:

Now - let's get scorched!

Some of these points are carried over from Classic Tahu, but we'll describe them anyway since this is standalone from that mod.


-Tahu has three levels of weapon - each is a long-range flamethrower that shoots a beam of fire (and is still able to destroy Matoro constractions with a scope-in too)
-Tahu is not slow unlike Matoro, and has the same movement speed as Kongu (15 units)


tahuzoom 1

Tahu zoom-in


-Matoro has been replaced with GWP Tahu as he appeared in 2023's Gift With Purchase set!
-Tahu has a weapon model shared across the three levels, created in to be precise to the set variant
-Tahu's scope-in is modified to be fire and magma themed
-HUD icons have been replaced across the board replacing Matoro with Tahu


gwptahuface 5

GWP Tahu mask

tahu shop 8

GWP Tahu text & weapon

tahuhud 3

HUD & player-view


-EXE icon has been changed to GWP Tahu
-Splash screen updated with credits
-New logo on the main menu screen
-References to Matoro have been changed to Tahu

splashscreen 7

gwptahu exes 2

mainmenu 6


Thanks for checking out the mod! GWP Tahu represents another big step forwards for us - utilising totally original weapon and head models - and once again it's good to play the game of yesteryear as the character of today! Want to be a part of modding Heroes? Join the modding Discord here to check out our resources, get support, and learn more about modding:

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