Tahu's back for another adventure in 2023 - he's been Technic, he's been googly-eyed, and now, he's an articulated System model that has found its way into Heroes! Utilising the very newest in custom model import tech to allow all-original models for his head and weapon!

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GWP Tahu Reawakens - Bionicle Heroes: GWP Tahu Released

gwptahu thumb 4

Last year, we released Classic Tahu - in celebration of his great return in small form in the 90th Anniversary set. This year, we were fortunate enough to get a true tribute to Tahu's legend with a Gift With Purchase Lego set - built from Lego System, and with plenty of references for Bionicle fans to enjoy.

Based off of Classic Tahu, with modelling work by Miss_Plagued, implementation by myself, and tooling/advising provided by Hexadecimal Mantis, we utilised the most cutting-edge modding techniques to import all-original models of GWP Tahu's head and weapon into Heroes! We documented this process over on the community's modding Discord, which you can join here: Discord.gg

Now - let's get scorched!

Some of these points are carried over from Classic Tahu, but we'll describe them anyway since this is standalone from that mod.


-Tahu has three levels of weapon - each is a long-range flamethrower that shoots a beam of fire (and is still able to destroy Matoro constractions with a scope-in too)
-Tahu is not slow unlike Matoro, and has the same movement speed as Kongu (15 units)


tahuzoom 1

Tahu zoom-in


-Matoro has been replaced with GWP Tahu as he appeared in 2023's Gift With Purchase set!
-Tahu has a weapon model shared across the three levels, created in stud.io to be precise to the set variant
-Tahu's scope-in is modified to be fire and magma themed
-HUD icons have been replaced across the board replacing Matoro with Tahu


gwptahuface 5

GWP Tahu mask

tahu shop 8

GWP Tahu text & weapon

tahuhud 3

HUD & player-view


-EXE icon has been changed to GWP Tahu
-Splash screen updated with credits
-New logo on the main menu screen
-References to Matoro have been changed to Tahu

splashscreen 7

gwptahu exes 2

mainmenu 6


Thanks for checking out the mod! GWP Tahu represents another big step forwards for us - utilising totally original weapon and head models - and once again it's good to play the game of yesteryear as the character of today! Want to be a part of modding Heroes? Join the modding Discord here to check out our resources, get support, and learn more about modding: Discord.gg

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GWP Tahu - 1.0 Release

GWP Tahu - 1.0 Release

Full Version

GWP Tahu is back in 2023, turning up the heat for Heroes modding!

Hankerchief104 - - 24 comments

For some reason to me Matoro's head and weapon didn't change, eventhough I put every file where it should be I have proof for this too but can't post a picture when commeting on MODDB.

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Kralich/David Creator
Kralich/David - - 836 comments

Sorry to get to this *extremely* late, but we now have a fix for this -

1. Launch your save and stay in the Matoran Enclave.
2. After, go to OPTIONS in the pause screen and go to VIDEO OPTIONS.
3. At this moment, you may have another bug involving negative gamma If it's the case, adjust the brightness to 5, and the gamma to 5 as well.
4. Then, adjust the resolution to 1.024 * 768, the shader quality to 3.0, the texture quality to High, and the widescreen to OFF ( if it's not the case )
5. After that, restart the game
6. Launch your save again and weapon models should now be high resolution variants.

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Guest - - 698,744 comments

Dude I thought the game was dead 💀
I didn't expect someone to make mods for thisO_O

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Kralich/David Creator
Kralich/David - - 836 comments

Far from it! There's quite a lot of us making mods - I recommend you check out the other mods on the site for Heroes (and also Bionicle: The Game, for which there's also a few mods!). Feel free to hop in the Discord if you get curious about anything :)

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