Things are heating up for Bionicle Heroes with the return of Tahu - styled after his 90 years of play revival! Utilising the cutting-edge of Heroes modding techniques to create the second expansive character mod for Heroes!

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Tahu, Toa of Fire, Lives Again - Bionicle Heroes: Classic Tahu Releases

classictahu thumb 1

In 2010, Bionicle's initial run was cancelled, drawing dark clouds across the childhoods of many. In 2015, it returned, but was canned once more in 2016 after a disappointing return. For years, Bionicle has had little representation from Lego and kept alive by the fans alone. In 2022, that changed - for in celebration of 90 years of Lego sets, Lego made reference to Bionicle with a miniature Tahu figure. Spurring on a massive movement in the Bionicle community, you can now play as this Classic Tahu in Bionicle Heroes!

Masterminded by Miss_Plagued, who created the models and most of the retextures in the mod, and using tools created by Hexadecimal Mantis, I assisted with implementation and weapon functionality as well as miscellaneous textures like HUD icons - resulting in the second comprehensive character mod for Bionicle Heroes! If you'd like to stay up to date on new mods and learn how to do it yourself, check out the modding Discord here:

Now - let's turn up the heat!


-Tahu has three levels of weapon - each is a long-range flamethrower that shoots a beam of fire (and is still able to destroy Matoro constractions with a scope-in too)
-Tahu is not slow unlike Matoro, and has the same movement speed as Kongu (15 units)


tahu flamethrower 13

tahu scope 12


-Matoro has been replaced with Classic Tahu as he appeared in the 90th anniversary set!
-Tahu has three different weapon models for each level, adapted from the Jaller level 1 sword
-Tahu's scope-in is modified to be fire and magma themed
-HUD icons have been replaced across the board replacing Matoro with Tahu


tahumask 14

Classic Tahu mask

hudicon shopicon 4

Classic Tahu HUD and shop icons

Image 6

Level 1 Render

Image 5

Level 1 in-game

Image 7

Level 2 render

Image 8

Level 2 in-game

Image 9

Level 3 render

Image 10

Level 3 in-game


-EXE icon has been changed to Classic Tahu
-Splash screen updated with credits
-New logo on the main menu screen
-References to Matoro have been changed to Tahu

credits 2

exeicon 3

shoptahu 11


Thanks for checking out the mod! Playing into the community hype surrounding Bionicle's (sort of) return, this mod was a real joy to help make and we're excited to unveil it. It's also another big step for the Heroes modding community! Want to be a part of it? Join the modding Discord here to check out our resources, get support, and learn more about modding:

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Classic Tahu - 1.0 Release

Classic Tahu - 1.0 Release

Full Version

Get ready to scorch with the Classic Tahu character mod!

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