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A complete outline of (almost) everything coming to the action-roguelite, Gunlocked by launch. New pilots, upgrades, enemies, difficulty challenges, features, and more (there's always an "and more") are incoming.

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Gunlocked, the shmup roguelite, has come a long way since version 0.1 released, and as we head toward the halfway point, I thought it was time to update everyone on what my plans are, and the path toward completing them.

If you look at the Early Access FAQ on the Steam store page, you'll see I've already met or exceeded a number of the goals I originally set out to complete. From enemy and pilot variety, to upgrade and augment quantities, Gunlocked is racing ahead of my original, modest goals. And I have no intention of slowing down!

So let's dive in to what will be in the game at launch, and then talk about what's coming next!

1.0 Launch Content
⦁ 3 Unique Zones and Bosses
⦁ Endless Mode
⦁ Trials: A customizable difficulty system with its own score system
⦁ The Codex: An in-game database of content and statistics
⦁ Tutorial System
⦁ 8 Pilots
⦁ 17 Weapons
⦁ 21 Utilities
⦁ 9 Symbionic Super Weapons
⦁ 30 Augments
⦁ 50 Achievements
⦁ 4 Ship Skins with multiple color options

My musician is also hard at work on both refining the current tracks and adding new ones. This is the one thing I can't do as a solo dev, so the final track list will be determined by sales and what I can afford, but more is coming!

If that all sounds great, and you're ready to dive in, you can pick up a copy on sale for just $3.59 until July 7th here:

So what's next?

I hope you've all been enjoying the steady pace of content updates, and that won't stop in July. 3 more pilots will be coming this month including: Ram, Ace, and Tempest. And each brings with them all kinds of new upgrades. Here's a sneak peak at those:

IDB Roadmap July Pilots

The big new feature of July, however, will be the Trials system. This is a fully customizable difficulty system combined with a whole new way to score your games. Trials are a lot like the augment system, but instead of equipping bonuses for yourself, you equip them for the enemies.

Trials range from simple things like enemies no longer dropping powerups, to more advanced challenges that can change the battlefield, enemy compositions, and even how many upgrades you can get. At launch there will be 20 trials, and unlike augments, there is no limit to how many you can equip at a given time.

IDB Roadmap July Trials

Each Trial has a specific challenge rating, and the more you equip the higher your total challenge score will be. The game will record your highest successful challenge score for each zone. And yes, there will be more achievements to go along with this for you hunters out there.

That about does it for this roadmap update. There's a bit more to talk about in the future, and a few potential features I've left out, but this is what I am 100% certain will be in the game by launch.

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