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Sixth Bio for the new or updated factions of Divide and Conquer.

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Maetho Mae!

Welcome to Third Age Total War: Divide and Conquer submod! As the current writer on the DaC Council, I am proud to present you with some long anticipated information on the new factions of DaC and the major changes to the vanilla factions. This bio is of the Grey Havens of Lindon and their quiet supremacy. All campaigns start in the Third Age 2980, 39 years before the events of The War of the Ring.

Faction Leader: Círdan the Shipwright
Faction Capital: Mithlond
Best Infantry Unit: Falas Swordmasters
Best Archer Unit: Eldarinwë Archers
Best Cavalry Unit: Eldarinwë Lancers

So it begins...

Falas Swordmasters and Mithlond Nobles charging valiantly toward some clansmen.

Gameplay Bio: Círdan is old, the oldest of them all, no elf that walks Middle-earth has seen as much as the Shipwright of the Havens. His appetite for war dwindles and like the great fire that once raged in the hearts of the elves, nought but ash remains. He grows weary of the worries of the world and longs for the shores of Aman where his heart may finally find peace. Círdan and Elrond both know that neither of them will find the peace they so crave until Sauron is finally thrown down an the ring destroyed. In this final challenge, Círdan is not alone, the almighty Noldorin lord of the First Age, Glorfindel, will ride at his side, spurring the Elves ever onward to noble victory.

The Elves of Lindon, although greatly diminished will still fight more courageously and valiantly in defence of their lord and in the name of peace than any other warriors that walk the Earth. They march to war in magnificent heavy armour, forged in the fires of war over thousands of years and rivalling the best of any other race save for the Dwarves. Adopting the natural colours of the sea that they hold so dear, their banners now fly with renewed vigour as the final journey looms ever closer. Never forgetting their heritage, the Teleri form up in their own battalions, separate from the Noldor of Imladris, they wear a much lighter armour and prefer the manning of ships to the warfare of the land. It falls to the Sindar, forever saddened by the loss of their home, to make up the core of the Lindon army. They have medium chain mail armour adapted for the wars of their ancient woodland home and wear tall swan inspired helms in reverence to the sea they hold so dear. They take to the field in ranks of sturdy pikemen, spearmen and of course archers. The Elves have had a thousand lifetimes to master the art of the bow and this skill is apparent in the battalions of Teleri, Sindar and Noldorin Archers. The Noldor have not forgotten their past misgivings and still seek forgiveness, as such the ranks of Eldarinwë take to the field willingly. Adapting their armour from the gold of Imladris to the sea-grey of Lindon, they are the best infantry in Middle-earth and none save the trolls of Mordor will fight them without a twinge of fear. Lastly, greatly diminished but still eager to fight, the remnants of the Lords of the Falthrim arm themselves to fight for their Lord Círdan! Wielding formidable pikes or deadly two-handed swords they are the most dependable and ferocious warriors that Lindon can call to war and their deeds are sung by the Elves as legends of an age long past.

Sindar warriors prepare as arrows from their backs whistle overhead.

Sindar Guards hold back worrying odds.

Gameplay Tips: It is imperative that Círdan neutralize the Clans of Enedwaith as early as possible or they will terrorize the sanctity of the Bree-lands, the Shire and southern Lindon. Once this peasants have been culled and shown the error of their ways, then Lindon's full might is free to strike at any target Círdan sees fit. With no nearby enemies and the Corsairs to entangled with Dol Amroth to spare a voyage north, Lindon is very safe.

The french translation is alvailable on Mundus Bellicus


those units look beautiful

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Why did you change the units to the more conventional elvish appearance? These older versions look much like lively.

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