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A quick-and-dirty write up regarding the Grail War Types featured in the upcoming Mod, Fate/ Throne of Heroes.

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Hey guys, just wanted to thank your warm welcome to Moddb, the mod has been in active development for two years by myself, with hopes to publish the first demo Late November 2020. I am actively recruiting so send me a DM if you would like to contribute with 2D Art, 3D Art, Writing, Voice Acting, or pretty much anything. No previous knowledge in Warband needed, I am a 13 year veteran of the M&B Modding Scene and can either get it in engine for you, or teach you how to do it yourself.
Let's get on to our first Article!

Fate/ Throne of Heroes

Holy Grail Wars

The Holy Grail Wars are the primary focus of Fate/ Throne of Heroes, with a particular focus around The Great Fuyuki Grail War and the new Calradian Grail War, but there's groundwork for up to Five addition Grail War Sub-types.

Calradian Holy Grail War: Explore Calradia as it currently stands, with a twist. The Six Rulers of the Realm have been chosen by the Grail, and have chosen to disregard the war in order to use their Powerful new Servants and recently discovered Magecraft in order to dominate the land of Calradia. You have been hired by the Mage's Association to help wrangle the world back into order by eliminating the other Masters and laying your Wish on to the Holy Grail. Enemy masters with be amassing forces with their chosen Servants in order to fight and kill one another (AND YOU!) in a bid for the Calradian Holy Grail, and furthermore, world domination.

Fuyuki Holy Grail War: Explore Fuyuki on foot, meeting NPCs and avoiding combat with enemy Masters. This will feature the Church and Mage's Association to keep you in line. No revealing to normal people that Magecraft is a reality. Maybe try to strike up a deal with another Master in a bid for power, avoid conflict and strike at the right moment to secure an easy victory, or use superior combat and Magecraft skills to decimate your opponents. No overworld map, just dozens of scenes stitched together for you and your Ghostliner pal to explore while the Will of the Earth attempts to erase their very existence.

Moon Cell Holy Grail War: This one’s weird. In a world with no magic the MOON ? is now a PVP zone for digital Grail Wars to happen! With no Mana, Mages now rely on Codecasts and Hacking for combat! Following so far? Make sense, right? Well, the dopest shit is this is a 64-participant Grail War! I intend to implement it by having a randomized Tourney of all available Servants and Masters that is punctuated with dungeon crawling aspects. Strengthen your Servant in order to get the leg up. Espionage, studying and strong detective work are all asked for to help increase your chances of discovering the True Name of the opponent’s Servant and hopeful giving you the advantage in the 1v1 Combat.

Grand Order: Calradia is home to the latest pseudo-Singularity. Join Chaldea as a Master and Save Humanity. Start with three Servants (Awarded by gacha. What else?) and amass a Servant army in order to take on Shadow Servants, Beasts and armies of undead bent on the destruction of Humanity. This one takes place in Calradia but changes the parties to FGO mobs and allows you to collect all 35+ servants to use as your Army. While you cannot amass non-Servant troops outside of Magecraft Summons and Noble Phantasms in this scenario, NPC parties may join you as you continue along. I will also implement the Rock-Paper-Scissors relationship between the Servant Classes for this to add another exciting layer.

Great Holy Grail War: Team-based Grail War! Red Team versus Black team in a 7v7 massacre waiting to happen. This one might be multiplayer. Who knows!? I certainly don't. In fact, I probably know the least out of anyone!

Tokyo Holy Grail War: Essentially the Fuyuki Grail War but instead of Fuyuki it takes place in the highly urbanized, entirely fictional version of 1991 Tokyo.

False Holy Grail War: Another fourteen Master Grail War, this time, a true free for all taking play in Snowfield, USA. I haven't read the content this one comes from, but it's here! It seems pretty sick, tbh.

Keep in mind this is a wishlist as opposed to an actual gamemode list. Many of these are either of extraordinarily low importance or of low priority. I will however guarantee a Sandbox and a Battle Arena mode, with others coming after initial release!


Damn can't wait da best of luck to you.

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Some people may have their doubts. But I've seen people do some crazy stuff with Warband. Wishing you the best of luck. This will probably make sure Warband remains my most played game XD.

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