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This is the backstory of the Global Defence Initiative in Tiberian Odyssey.

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Firestorm Aftermath

CABAL had launched a tremendous amount of simultaneous assaults on many of the last intact cities with large civilian populations at the end of the Firestorm crisis, which struck a fatal blow to GDI's ‘public image', because they sat by and did nothing as hundreds of people were being killed or processed into cyborgs. Most of the remaining civilian population that was not under GDI protection at the time banded together to form militia groups and dropped their ties to GDI altogether. GDI was focussing on defeating CABAL more than defending what was left of the population and it would cost them dearly. GDI realized this would be a seed of unrest and quickly broke the stalemate with Nod. The following military campaign was aimed at destroying Nod's central command structure. Nod only had a bunch of malfunctioning high-tech war machines left due to the CABAL virus and was virtually defenceless. After half a year, the Black Hand had been destroyed and all of its leaders were dead, inducing major chaos in the remaining factions. This allowed GDI to safely grow and operate.

GDI had finally taken control of the Tacitus and although they now had access to the data contained within the device, they lacked Kane's head start. All they could do was spend their time researching the tip of the iceberg. The waves of unordered information that just kept flowing in still required translation and even then it all needed to be researched to be of any use and no GDI team or AI could help them completely decipher the ocean of formulas within a reasonable time frame. However, the plethora of new information did allow GDI to make a huge leap and advance most of their technology. GDI power is at a new peak level. Their space program has been expanded and they now have more Ion Cannon Satellites at their disposal, as well as new orbital EMP weapons capable of disrupting unprotected circuitry from outer space. The network is close to providing 24/7 coverage all over the globe. The Philadelphia has been augmented and another two space stations have been assembled in different orbits: the Phoenix and Memphis. The Phoenix is a special-ops training facility, a production platform for orbital weapons like the ion cannon and a launch bay for dropships, droppods and various command vehicles. The Memphis is essentially a big greenhouse surrounded by a habitat ring that houses 5% of the human population under GDI protection, including the families of important GDI figures.

After huge amounts of work, a modified EVA unit isolated a tiny section pertaining to the growth of tiberium. The science involved was still way above human standards, but some bits of data did enable them to enhance their disruptor technology, which they discovered was capable of partially controlling tiberium growth. The almost certain toxicity of the entirety of earth's atmosphere predicted by GDI scientists in the Firestorm crisis was forfeited and our time prolonged with about 2 years. GDI put a tremendous amount of manpower into developing more and better ways to control tiberium growth. Our time left continued to be extended, but it would only last if and only if GDI kept expanding at this rate, installing more of their growth-disrupting arrays. With Nod practically disappearing from the scene once again, GDI saw a chance to start massive restoration projects all over the globe, including the saving of valuable plant and animal species. However, GDI may be doing all in their power to stop tiberium, this fight is probably hopeless. What GDI doesn't know is that while they are busy tempering the smaller patches of tiberium and restoring atmospheric conditions to normal, the bedrock, underground rivers, caverns etc. are all being thoroughly contaminated and it will only be a matter of time before these kinds of contaminated areas will connect to the surface and hurl the operations back a few years every time


nice backstory :D

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feillyne Staff

More Ion cannons? The Broterhood will have a tough enemy.

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