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List of planned features for Lost Dragons Arma 3 mod.

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(Subject to change)

+World of New Eden is covered with lush Jungle (as Arma allows it) and the abandoned cities will be partly reclaimed by nature as well as ruined by battle.
+Terrain will consist of fixed elements and a great number of randomized elements that will make every game different. (objectives, key buildings/ locations, weapons, vehicles, spawnpoints, AI-enemies)

+Max team sizes will be decided through testing

+Player takes control of a small AI squad, but main gameplay focues on team PvP spiced up with some Independet AI combat.

+AI characters will be portrayed as cyborg/robot drones and the area will have roaming abandoned AI combat drones and possibly wildlife elements lurking in the shadows.
+Supporting drone units will have quite bad aim and are there to act as drivers, pilots and firesupport. (crappy aimbot module installed)

+Players will have access to their respective teams basic gear throughout the game and may alter their loadout.

+Starting equipment selection in a pre-start menu and respawn loadout customization.
+More exotic and powerful weapons may be scavenged from various locations but beware the limited ammosupply on these weapons.

+Players begin the game from a randomized dropzone with HQ-vehicle, supply vehicles and a few light transports. (This is no military operation)
+Light combat vehicles, light armored transports, recon vehicles and personal transports are available throughout the game. (Droid pickup / aerodrop)
+More powerful vehicles may be reclaimed from the battlefield. (military bases, battlelines, supply caches)
+Scavenged vehicle may be damaged or low on ammo and can be repaired and rearmed in designated locations.

+Main objective is to find and activate the last of the mighty Dragon class Warship:

+Dragon is an autonomous weapons platform capable of immense destruction and cannot be controlled without a command module
-> First objective is to find and begin the restoration of a Warrior class Battleship that acts as the command unit and can access the Dragon
+2-4 Warriors in good enough shape will be present on the map
+Once found the Warrior will act as a forward base and must be defended.

+The Dragon is hidden somewhere in the area and the location can be found through simple exploration or by gathering Intel from various objectives

-> Intelpoints come available by time as the HQ vehicle scans the area and compiles recovered data.
-> By gathering intel you narrow down the area the Dragon is hidden on the map

+Once operational the Warrior battleship must be flown (yes flying battleships) to the Dragons Location and they both need to be defended while docking and while the Dragon starts up.
-> Both sides have access to Warriors and may interfere with the docking procedures or even steal the Dragon if they manage to down the other Warrior.
+Note that these are very powerful vehicles and will need full team effort to manage full operational status and also taking one down is not an easy job.
-> Once the Dragon is awakened there is still a change for the opposing team to sway the race as the round will end when the Dragon completes its powerup sequence and becomes fully operational.
+By attacking certain weakspots with enough power the sequence may be interrupted and if the winning team is held off long enough the dragon may be stolen even in its awakened state.


Sounds like fun!

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