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Details on three prize draws being held to celebrate one year of FUEL: REFUELED in development. Prizes include Steam games of your choice.

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I posted some details on this competition in the tail-end of last weeks news post, but it was a bit rushed and not very clear on everything. Anyway, to celebrate basically one year of FUEL: REFUELED being in development, I've decided to host a series of simple competitions where you can win some prizes. The prizes being a Steam game of your choice (Up to a given value). The draws are as follows:

Best Written Review, sponsored by Mod Sentry

The idea behind this draw is to get some much needed feedback from users as to what they feel about the mod as a whole. Thus all you have to do in order to enter for this draw is write a short review for FUEL: REFUELED using the ModDB Review Feature.

The actual score you give doesn't matter and won't increase or decrease your chances of winning, I'm just looking for some constructive feedback. Some example typical review points you could write about (but not limited to) could include...

  • Do like/dislike the mod and why?
  • Where do you think the mod can be improved and why?
  • If you could have one new feature added to this mod, what would it be and why?

It really doesn't matter what you write about in-order to be entered into the draw, but obviously the more constructive your review is, the more likely your chance of winning. I should also point out that a paragraph or a handful of sentences is perfectly sufficient, writing a really long review wont increase your chances of winning.

The prize I am offering to the winner is a £7 Steam game of your choice. If a large number of people enter then I may add more prizes or increase the value. Also I won't be awarding the prize unless there is at least five entries, if this happens I will extend the competition etc.

The site Mod Sentry is sponsoring this draw, with the intent of offering an optional additional prize to the winner of skipping their application process and becoming a fully fledged writer for the site. They will contact the winner after the competition is completed. More details on the postion Mod Sentry is offering can be found on the ModDB Job board in this job post.

Randomly Picked Review

As a second competition I will entering anyone who posts on the FUEL: REFUELED review section with a chance of winning a £4 Steam game of your choice. If a large number of people decide to enter then I will be offering additional prizes so more people can win.

To enter into this draw the only requirement is to make a written post on the review page here, the quality of writing or score given will not be factored into the picking of the winner. Obviously if you write a constructive review as per the requirements for the competition above, then your chances of winning will increase (As you'd be entered into two different draws).

FUEL: REFUELED ScreenshotThe Ashtray

Most Impressive Screenshot

The third draw requires you to submit some of your best screenshots, with the one I like the most being picked as the winner.

To enter you must post in this FUEL: REFUELED forum thread, and embed up to three screenshots. The screenshots themselves must be uploaded to ModDB and be posted using the Embed (large) code that is provided. More details on this have been posted in the thread.

The prize is a £4 Steam game of the winners choice. Like the other draws, if a large number of people enter then I may increase the number of prizes so more people can win.

Notes, Terms and Requirements etc.

  • Competition will run for two weeks, I may extend the competition if few people enter.
  • For review based draws the score given is irrelevant, the exercise is to give some written feedback that may actually be helpful to me when developing future updates. Reviews posted on other sites or sections will not be accepted into the draw. The correct section to post a review is here: reviews
  • You do not nessasary have to have played or own the full game of FUEL to enter into any of these draws. You can comment on the mod from what you can see to enter into the randomly picked review draw and use the free FUEL Demo which is now supported by this mod to take and submit screenshots.
  • Prizes will be gifted from Steam (, I will be purchasing them from the UK store and sending them to the email address of your choice. You will obviously require a steam account to access the games; there are no alternate prizes or cash alternative etc. You may select any number of items up to the value of the prize - e.g. 2x£3 items if you win the £7 prize etc.
  • A section of <£4 games can be found here:
  • A section of <£7 games can be found here:
  • As more people enter the draws, I may increase number of prizes and the prize amount. This is because I do not want to give away a large or multiple prizes if only a few people can be bothered to enter.
  • If you have any questions or would like to clarify something regarding the competition then you are welcome to either PM me or post in comments and I'll do my best to get back to you ASAP.

how too install this game i got that weird
install program that i dont get
do i neat a othere game for it too
can you at a better readme file

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Translation: How am I supposed to install this game? I am trying to use your odd installer but I don't quiet understand it. Do I need another game to get this to work? Can you please make a better readme file?

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Vetron Author

Well you need either FUEL or the FUEL Demo for the mod to work. Do you have either of those?

You can download the free demo from here...

I am currently working on a step-by-step installation video - that will be uploaded sometime over the next day or so and that should make things easier for a few people.

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Vetron Author

A video showing step by step instructions on how to install the mod has been uploaded here:

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I'll admit it, I never at all cared for the game Fuel, but seeing this mod makes me want to go out and pick it up.

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