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Forgotten Lore - Mod Feature (15-01-16) Its WIP so always change

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1429 La Guerre de Cent Ans
Tocan's Calradia
Better Banners _from.MarkQuinn
Bloc Northerner Horse _from.Bloc
Camel _from.wanderer
Cinematic Compilation 3.0 _from.DOMA
Colored Lances _from.CounterPoint391
Late Medieval Helmets-3839-1-1 _from.Thick1988
narf's_plate_armour_pack_wb _from.Narf of Picklestink
narf's_transitional_armour_pack _from.Narf of Picklestink
narf's_rus_armour_pack _from.Narf of Picklestink
men-at-arms_armour_pack-3673-1-0 _from.Narf of Picklestink
Njunja_eastern_1.5 _from.Njunja
Pino_Armors_Pack_OSP_v1.2 _from.pino69
PL_Warband _from.gutekfiutek
platearmour _from.brokenone
PlatedCharger _from.Wanderer
Polished Skyboxes Addon _from.Charan
15th Century Weapons _from.Shredzorz
Dynamic Kingdom Troop Tree Presentation _from.dunde
Camel Kit! - Makes horses react to camels _from.Zarthas
terrain border kit for scene with water _from.FantasyWarrior
Medieval and Renaissance weapons _from.Lucas_the_Benevolent
ImprovedMaleFacesv1.01 _from.Iboltax
Jan Tumas Sturmhaube helmets-3730-1-0 _from.Jan Tumas
Historic Castles Project 1.2 _from.Adorno
Movie_WB_view _from.CHUR
new faces _from.Yiyang Chen
OSP_Monastery_Bridge-5802-1-1 _from.Jaakko
Sonyer_OSP _from.sonyer
Flintlock Firearms OSP _from.Llew
Simple Tumnnels _from.Mandible
Al Mansur packs - New buildings pack _from.Al_Mansur
Expaned Horizons _from.Openshaw
Flora Enhancement Mod v1.2 _from.killkhergit
Lucass_OSP_v4.7 _from.Lucas the Benevolent
Fred bunch'o Armours _from.Fredelios
Sonyer OSP _from.Sonyer
OSP Mix items _from.Akosmo
Charger Mod _from.myriliam
Sarranid and Vaegir Helmet Replacement _from.Narf of Picklestink and ShaunRemo
topfhelm itempack_from.LATEGREEN
bidenhander _from.claymore833
medieval helmet pack _from.dejawolf
Viking model pack _from.dejawolf
fantasy_armor_set _from.bogmir


Sounds and looks great. Tracking now!

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Keep Up the good work

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