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This is the feature list for the first public release of Movie Battles III, a non-commercial (free) game made using the Unreal Development Kit.

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This will be the feature set for the first public release of Movie Battles III.

The only playable game mode in the first release will be Deathmatch, which will allow for accurate feedback on the early development of the game.

Playable Models/Characters

  • Character: Stormtrooper (by Lervish)
  • Character: Luke Skywalker ESB (by Wytchking)
  • Character: Old Ben (by AlmightyGir)
  • Weapon: E-11 Blaster Rifle (by Dee)

Lightsaber/Weapon Features

  • Lightsaber wall trails/decals and blaster marks
  • Lightsaber collision and interaction
  • Saber deflect vs. blaster fire
  • Multiple swing directions w/ animations: Up, left, right, diagonal-left, diagonal-right

Force Powers

  • Force push
  • Force jump

Well done this gonna be awesome *-*

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wonder when it comes out. :D

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