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So I have decided what the final list of all factions in the mod will be.

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The Galactic Empire (playable)

The Rebel Alliance (playable)

The Black Sun Crime Syndicate (playable)

The Grand Imperium (playable)

The Yuuzhan Vong (not playable)

The Mandalorian Clans (playable)

The Forces of Rebel Imperials led by some Admiral or Moff (not playable)

The Forces of Grand Admiral Zaarin (not playable)

The Hutt Cartel (playable)

The CSA (not playable)

The Grand Imperium is a splinter Empire looking to destroy the Rebels and rule the galaxy and achieve Imperial and Sith domination, the only real difference from the Galactic Empire is that they don't support Vader's rule. The Emperor is Jerec, who saw his chance at power and galactic domination with Palpatine's death, and his second-in-command and new apprenctice is Inquisitor Tremayne. They have won over many Imperial leaders to their cause such as Admiral Zsinj, Moff Ardus Kaine, and others who will be revealed later.


can you made for space skirmish playable The Coreillans, The CSA and The Hutt Cartel

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DarthCaesar Author

The Hutt Cartel maybe yes but not the other 2. All th eplayable factions will be be playable in the GCs and hopefully multiplayer.

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how can i play as Grand Imperium

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