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From the beginning of this mod we have been working and reworking out how the gameplay should be and we have decided to infuse the old with the new.

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///Assault Class\\\
The Assault Classes will feature legged MBUs and Mobile War Factories for vehicle production.
They will also feature hard-hitting tanks and artillery and will be slightly more vulnerable to aircraft
than the other classes. They research and move up in tech by upgrading the MBU. The Assault Classes will
have T4 units that are massive and make formidable opponents to any opposition.

///Defense Class\\\
Defense Classes will build up like the classic C&C3 system using a comm center and a tech lab to move up
in technology. Defense Classes will be the only ones who can build walls and the slowest unit build time.
Defense Class will have Superweapons and a T4 unit.

///Support Class\\\
Support Classes will be able to construct repair bays and will mostly focus on air power. Support classes
will be able to call in airstrikes and build massive T4 capital ships. Support Classes will feature flying
MBU's, support airfields, massive hordes of air units, and artillery.


We will focus on both the TCN and classic harvesting. As we can see from some of the maps in C&C 4, not the entire planet has been reclaimed by the TCN.
There will be two systems of harvesting, both coinciding with each other:

-TCN – Use of TCN Outlets as modified versions of the RA3 Ore Nodes as central areas where refined Tiberium would be held.
They will feature places for Harvesters to dock and fill up on refined tiberium, and once full, they return to a refinery to deposit their load.

-Harvestable Tiberium – either from destroyed Outlets/Deposits or from natural cracks in the surface, these are just a replica of C&C 3’s resource system.
All green “Riparius” tiberium can be from either fields or the TCN, but more volatile strains of tiberium like the blue
“Vinifera” tiberium can only be found from natural cracks in unclaimed yellow zones and the few remaining red zones.
The Red Tiberium will be worth slightly more than the blue Tiberium due to its special properties and its rareness.

Battle Units

The class system in C&C 4 is flawed, since it divides up a perfectly fine army into sections that cannot fight without the use of teamwork.
In our vision, each class should have full access to each type of unit, but the unit’s functionality would be geared toward’s it’s class motif.
Here is an example using each class and their MBT.


GDI Assault Class: Titan Mech - The largest, most heavily armored T1 Unit equipped with a railgun for devasting enemy structures and units.
GDI Defense Class: Spartan Tank - This tank is slightly slower than the other ones but can deploy into a turret with more armor.
GDI Support Class: Hunter Tank - This tank is the least armored of the GDI MBTs but it is also the fastest, great for a support role.

Nod MBTs

Nod Assault Class: Scorpion Tank - The Scorpion Tank is equipped with a portable obelisk cannon and is great for leveling buildings.
Nod Defense Class: Centurion Mech - The Centurion Mech is equipped with a shield and is the hardest to destroy of all the Nod MBTs.
Nod Support Class: Scimitar Tank - The Scimitar Tank is the fastest Nod MBT and the least armored, but is slower and more durable than a GDI Hunter.

The Old and the New

Our mod will feature classics from past C&C games like the Orca Bomber and the Obelisk of Darkness but
will also feature new units such as the Intervention and the Wraith Aircraft Carrier.

Joshh - - 900 comments

Good final gameplay draft. It promises to be a good mix of traditional gameplay mechanics and newer, faster-paced options.

My suggestion would be to make the "refined Tiberium" from the TCN outlets more valuable than its "unrefined" brethren - maybe 150% as valuable as green Tib, or halfway between the value of a green and blue Tib load. This would encourage players to use the outlets.

The other advantage I see here is the lessening of the effects of timing pushes - with a more constant supply of resources, rather than a huge eco-boom when you have like 3 refs going, gameplay will depend more on tactics and micro in the field.

This probably could have been put on the forums, but for convenience I'll put it here.

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BluishGreenPro - - 534 comments

I like where this is going!
I'm really looking forward to that new Defense class. Keep it up!

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XavierAgamemnon - - 647 comments

so basicly it a better version of generals

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SilentMirage - - 202 comments

Wow, this one looks pretty good. :) A worthy balance and all just like imagine if there's Greg Black working with us. ;)

Keep up the good work.

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justgoaway - - 8,208 comments

OMG! Really Awesome!

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C&C_Burger - - 2,040 comments

Great idea using both the TCN and the classic tib harvesting.

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Remot - - 41 comments

I like the draft, but for the sake of diversity I would've made the nod classes different then the GDI classes... (In name atleast)

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Coolness7 Author
Coolness7 - - 402 comments

heheh, we have, just wait for the next update

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Slye_Fox - - 933 comments

What code modules do you plan to use to make the TCN?

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-Golan- - - 454 comments

Doesn't seem viable in TW for me, harvesters can only be filled by them actively harvesting but this is an action that does not allow docking in a fixed position. Not sure if multiple harvesters are allowed per deposit. In essence, the TCN would have to be a marker dummy that doesn't actually fill the harvesters but spawns an unlimited supply of crystals at each docking position.

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Jeffman12 - - 1,475 comments

Very nice, you've reimplemented harvesting in a way that doesn't interfere with the gameplay that C&C 4 was made for. At the same time, this will ensure a unique experience. Can't wait to play.

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dta.Osiris - - 304 comments

Very well thought out game design, hats off to this team. This is very good to have been decided upon before actual gameplay has begun to have been drafted. A balance of harvasting as well as implementing the TCN is fantastic. It's good that you realized the flaw with the rank structure in C&C4, low tier 1 units were almost useless without a few tier 2 and 3 units to support. I'm kind of hazy about how the TCN nodes will work but I can pick up on it quickly.

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MattHunX - - 36 comments

Hey people,

Just registered to the site. Been following the progress of these awesome mods (Eclipse, Apocalypse, Ice Storm, Tiberian Sun Rising).

I just want to make a SUGGESTION, if I may.

The way EA made garrisoned buildings look is simply disgusting. Can you change that? Even Red Alert 2 had better appearance for buildings with troops inside. But, this is just a minor problem. One huge problem with the game is the AI, both how units act, path finding, and how it builds structures in skirmish.

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MattHunX - - 36 comments

I remember on some forum, or maybe YouTube, some were objecting to NOD's new look in C&C3, even saying it's a bit alien like. Well, it supposed to be, Tacitus and all.

I'd be a good idea to make NOD units, at least, appear a bit Scrin-esq. The new Scorpion concept, though not particularly alien like, is just awesome,regardless. And that insect like Flame Tank, now that's a bit Scrin like. Good! Keep it that way!

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MattHunX - - 36 comments


I've been doing missions in Kane's Wrath and I noticed how ridiculous the AI is. Not only is it dumb, it's cheating as well. Walks around with some grenadiers and just chucks grenades at my SHADOWS! Stealth detections capability or not, sometimes it just knows where my stealth units. This is no way to be playing with NOD. Even though the AI "only" randomly cheats (e.g.: the Predators don't notice my Stealth Tanks) it's very annoying.

Hope you guys can tweak these things. Also, it's very annoying that every time I save the game the fog of war shrouds areas where my units were, as well deactivates beacons placed by Shadows for bombardment. Not sure if you can mess with the saving mechanics like that, though.

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MattHunX - - 36 comments

Hey, remembered something else. AA turrets can detect ground stealth units. Not good.

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MattHunX - - 36 comments

What I really like in C&C 3 is the thing you can do with ordering units to take a formation or arrive and stop at a spot facing a certain way. That was left out of C&C4, much to my annoyance. A small thing, but can be useful.

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MattHunX - - 36 comments

Too bad you guys don't collaborate with other modder teams. For example, the Tiberium IceStorm mod has by far the best tiberium ever.

You guys should think about merging at least some elements with other teams. It already makes EA's work pale in comparison. Think what would it be like then. Pure awesomeness. A whole new game.

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