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This is the list of features we currently have, some of the plannned features are already in, but not all planned features.

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New models and textures
- New hats, uniforms, backpacks....
- Highres textures
- Highres normalmaps
- New weapons
- Houses, walls, cannons, bridges, fireplaces, fences, trees...
- 4 lod stages for each model (so seamless lag free game play)

New animations
- Reloading
- Firing
- Marching
- Running
- Bayonet
- Rapier
- Crouching
- Idle
- Death
- Flags

New Particle effects
-Muzzle flash for cannons, muskets, pistols, rifles
-Lag-free dense smoke

-Can destroy buildings, walls, trees, dummy's

- New class selection system, no more buying of weapons! You choose your regiment and then your rank.
- Ranks: ranker, sergeant, captain
- Factions: Prussia, France, united Kingdom

- New weapon stats
- You loose ammo in water
- Models for Napoleon, Wellington, Blucher
- Crouching
- New sounds, muskets, rifles, pistols, cannons, death screams/gurgles...
- New music (Napoleonic era)
- New maps
- New game mode: Conquest, works like the equivalent game mode of BF2
- Place able defences (chevaux-de-frise)
- Voice Commands
- Weather and time effects
- Mature community- Regular patches
- Dedicated developers
- Regular events
- Massive 250 player servers (as opposed to warbands normal 64)

Planned features:
- Naval Battles
- Musician classes
- New UI
- More maps
- More factions (Major European ones first)
- Real cannon usage (new animations for reloading, and firing, making them difficult, movable, aming up and down...)

Kärnten - - 78 comments

like I said, best Warband mod EVER.

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Krimdor - - 32 comments

can't wait for the musicians!

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Weterin - - 17 comments

Agree on Krimdor,

Have to say i love those new french eagles.

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karácsonyfa - - 3 comments


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