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Features that will be added in the alpha and beta versions - Tarania Wars Online VR-MMORPG

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Features that will be added in the alpha and beta versions

  1. In the game you can get 1.5 times as much money with betting systems that you have deposited. Also the losers of the betting, money will be shared between 2 players who fought.
  2. The costume system in the game which will be added with the necessary materials will be able to design personal costumes.
  3. Plot System will be made for those who want to earn money from the trading. Home, farm, garden or any thing that will be able to put to the plot.
  4. The game's small village-style places or in the central parts that you can buy a house. The houses will be left empty. And the decorations are up to you. Those can sell their homes in the game.
  5. In places such as central regions and small villages in the game, the protection system will be on and PvP will be closed. Attacking will be closed to everyone. Except for the duel, nobody can kill each other.
  6. For those who want to revive the Bad Characters in the game. There will be Pirate System. Players who are at a certain rank can judge these pirates and they will be able to offer a reward on pirates.
  7. For Pirates there will be a small villages and the central regions. This area will be open to PvP. It will make everyone vulnerable to attack.
  8. Private island can be designed for who wants it.
  9. Warships will be designed for ship battles. Those ships will be able to buy.
  10. Which will be released in later updates of the game, those will be able to fly with the glider.
  11. In the game, which will be able to learn your ranking in Honor Square. Honor Square is on the first floor.
  12. You will be able to share your belongings with in Marriage System. Married players can earn experience points 1.5 times more than normal players.
  13. With Guild System you can upgrade your guild and you can make guild wars. Each Guild will be able to purchase or construct their own building.
  14. Instruments will be in the game for those who want to be a musician and can earn this money by giving a concert.
  15. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly quests will going to be added. Difficulty of these quests will be like Mythical. Special gifts will be given who finishes their quests. These gifts will be shared between the groups.
  16. Depending on the wishes of their own in the game that can hide GM status and will be able to demonstrate in any case. Also this GM will be able to play the game like a normal player without GM status. And can not use any functionality of the GM’s authorization.
  17. Depending on the character in the game those can get special nicknames like Lightning Fast, Black Knight, Black Swordsman, Queen/King of Archers, Queen/King of Swords etc.

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