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Some mod features of this mod... Please new players should read this...

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1. The recruitment is divided into two category.
a. Village units. The player would be able to recruit in the village of one country only when he is already a landlord of that country, or his relation to that village amounts to 20 while his reputation shall be at least 300.
b.Special units: Your relation to the certain landlord shall be no less than 80 for your exchange of units.
2. Lords of good and lawful nature will not burn the villages.
Furthermore, the majority of the lords' character is in coincident with the record of the real history (, while there of course are a small amount will change randomly when you start a new game).
The relations among lords are fixed to be matched with the historical records.
3. The available part of the appearance such as skins and hairs will be different if you decide to choose different nationalities at the beginning of a new game.
4. The units available in inns in different regions are different.
5. The relations among lords of different forces and the diplomatic relations among forces can be viewed when camping.
6. The age of all characters in the game grows older when the time moves forward.
7. If you want to call your horse, just press H in the game.
8. More fun with realistic sound effects on the battlefield.
9. The Arena Mode. All units in the arena use their original equipments.
10. City guard. The town Mayor and the guard commander will patrol separately on the street with several soldiers.
11. National Treasury. The national treasury of each force pays the salary of lords, which comes eventually from the taxation. If the national treasury cannot afford it, the relations between King and lords will be dramatically worsened.
12. Camera adjust function on battlefield (coded by Rubik)
13. You can pay money as an exchange for morale.
14. You will be drown to faint under water (N/A now)
15. The speed of troops will be changed on different terrain.
16. The enemy shall not charge at the beginning of a battle if he is on the comparatively weak side.
17. Players will recruit farmers by force, which shall lead to the drop of reputation by 10 points,
together with the worse relation with relevant village, town and lords.
18. Slow motion on battlefield. A slow motion shall be presented once the key characters (Players, lords, NPCs in the troops) are knocked to faint. You can also activate the slow motion for all mode by pressing the right CTRL key to experience a bullet effect battlefield just like the Sparta 300.
19. Individual challenge by pressing ALT. The possibility of the lord's acceptance is related with his character and the reputation of the player.
20. Remaining on battlefield. Use the arrows keys to move around and PAGEUP and PAGEDOWN to move up and down.
21. Statistics for battle.
22. The after-faint controlling system. You can click left to follow your friends and click right to follow your foes. You can also press SPACE to control your units to a continuous fight.
W. Income of a town=Tax of merchants+tax of village (1200)+tax of town(24000*(prosperity+20)/120)+trade with villagers+10% of the money players paid for land.
23. Income of a lord of east=Weekly salary(1500)+Trade points*100-Weekly Expenses of troop+corruption of tax(2% of the total tax).Players' expense for staying in town goes to the tax.
24. Non-neighboring nations will not go for war.
25. You will get hurt and loss HP if you fall from a fast running horse.
26. Statistics of NPCs' killings.
27. There is a path in Linan city leading to the Palace, and another one leading to the West Lake. Those who love sightseeing may like to find it out.
28. NPCs are not available only in inns. Please search for them all over the world if you want recruit them all.
New content in version 0.3
Business system rebuilt
Different countries have different specialties and the trade routes go according to the historical business route and resources output, Silks of Song, salt of Mid East and furs of northern regions shall be of the highest priority among players’ options for trade.National units rebuilt
The structures and unit proportion of troops of each force are closer to the real history as well as more balanced. On the other hand, certain lords have his respective special unit.The possibility of getting the Asian horse with blue saddle, which is necessary to exchange the special unit of Song, is bigger.The appearances of characters like Nur al-Din, ‘Imad al-Din, Ahmed Sanjar, John II Komnenos, Manuel I Komnenos, are changed according to the ancient paintings or records.A two-handed hammer will be given for you to deal with the prison guard with heavy armor if you are to finish the mission of rescue.One-on-one and soldier mode are removed, and the revenue of selling prisoners to castles is higher.
New battlefield AI, which means AI will be more intelligent, such as the horsemen will assemble to charge archers, lords of Song will not charge too fast by himself, the cavalry and the infantry will cooperate better and the infantry will have better anticipation for the cavalry, etc.Heavy armor of Jin rebuilt. Now the armors for Jin’s top units have better appearance and cost less.The totems for all nations adder (dragon for Song, gyrfalcon for Jurchen, a grey wolf and a white doe for Mongolia, double-headed eagle for Byzantium, etc.)New function of Strategic Depth or a consciousness of territory.
Lords shall not go into the enemy land freely, not even close to if the troop is not strong enough. (The player will face the same function if his troop is beyond 20 persons.) Wars between countries will go gradually from bounders to the inner part, no enclaves allowed.Gate system
Some prominent historical gates will be recalled in the game. Dasan, Yanmen, Xiao, etc. The rival country will not be able to enter the territory without occupying the gates. If you need to attack the rival territory, just press F.Provision system
Lords will go back home for rest and reorganization. Soldiers will die if the troop stays outside for too long.Triggering function
Some Yanyun cavalry will join in lords’ troop one week after Song’s occupation of northern land. Players may recruit them in the inn in that castle (born as Song lord need)After the independence, you may get certain special units from certain NPC after promoting inn NPC to lord. (Which NPC? What special units? You may find the clues in the conversation of your recruiting)New function for the ironflesh to increase current HP. You current HP will increase on the battle field if you remains out of the battle for long, the speed of which depends on the ironflesh skill level. (Horses get that too, depending on its stamina).Slow movement on the rivers of the big map. Bonus for the defending troops in a simulating siege battle (the casualty for the attacking side is 50% more than the defending, while the latter gets new units recruited during the battle). Bonus for the defending archers in a campaign map.New AI for mounted archers. Now it will be a awesome unit.

Cheats may result in various of chaos and BUGs. Please be cautious.


Sounds and looks great.

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why cant i find the same armors the vassals have??Pls someone tell me how to get them cuz they wont show up on the markets

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