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We are still looking for talented developers! If you know mission scripting in Nexus, we'd love your help! Check out the artwork in the screenshots. If you can model and texture to the same level of detail, we'd love to have your help as well.

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A list of items we feel would be essential in adding to the mod

- FTL effects
- Retracting hangars when using FTL
- Higher quality models and textures
- Story missions
- Cylon Colony, Resurrection Ship and Hub
- Ragnar station and surrounding nebula
- Ship-ramming capability
- New planets and starfield effects
- Multiplayer gameplay



Flake bursts and smoke trails are possible, they have already been done in Nexus, but the FTL effects are difficult to change. The only mod to achieve this was the Babylon 5 mod, and nobody knows how did they do that. Ramming into enemy ships is not possible IMO due to engine limitations, and unfortunately the source code was never released. Better models, space stations and story missions are good ideas, and I would love some other vessels from the colonial fleet. Or maybe the old basestars, the Battlestar Valkyre or the Blackbird. There are some possibilities. I would frakkin' love to see this mod being alive again. :)

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suicide is poosible somehow they make it in the star trek mod

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You are right, it works in War Begins too. So you should ask Mularac/Dreamorcz/SoulAssassino about it.

Sorry for the false information.

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