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Author: TheLozza - Date: 8/10/2011

NOTE: The mask may not fit you players head, I made it off my characters head. See screenshots to model your headthe same width like mine. To do this press ~, then type 'showracemenu'.

[New in update 1.1] -Added Black version. -New LOCATION, Hunters Farm, on the terminal desk.

Description:Don't you think the game really needed a 'proper' Gas Mask? Well guess what? There is now.The GP-5 Gas Mask was a mask made in early WW2, later in the 60's they created a version filter without asbestos. In the 80s and 90s Chernobyl Fallout, this mask was issued to the Russian Population, indeed it was an ideal creation.

Stats: +40 Poison Resistance+10 Radiation Resistance

Location:Huntersfarm, on the teminal desk in the bedroom.

Credits:Tripwire Interactive for inspiring me with Mr Foster from Killing Floor.

Install:Extract contents to the Fallout Directory.

Uninstall:Delete what you extracted.Easy.

Do NOT upload this mod anywhere else! People who violate will be taken into account.Contact:

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