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Revamp Expansion mod 1.1 Feature Videos By NeoGhost Excalibur.

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Thanks for all time in making these epic video to demo the work done on the mod so far lots more to come just wait for when RVE 2.0 hit the download :) .

epic40k - - 276 comments

Thats the most explosions I've ever seen in a game

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drillz007 - - 370 comments

Some one has obviously never played garrys mod

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VOLKSCULT - - 68 comments

i hope 2.0 will run on windows 8 64 bit -.- because now it doesen´t :((

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OverRated Author
OverRated - - 2,885 comments

LOL i only use windows 8 64 bit all my works run on windows 8 there made on windows 8.

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Dejected-Angel - - 1,366 comments

Dat explosion.

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yavuztezcan - - 709 comments


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NeoGhostExcalibur - - 28 comments

no spam but please subscribe for more video of revamp to come :)

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Meow50 - - 15 comments

SupCom 2 is so different from SupCom 1 and Forged Alliance

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