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This is the first Q and A for this unofficial expansion pack mod.

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My first feature for this mod, the FAQs. While it's not news, this will answer some questions that some of you may be wondering for C&C3 Tacitus Revolution. More will be added in the upcoming weeks ahead.

1) Is this expansion mod for Kane's Wrath or Tiberium Wars?
Once again, just like Kane's Wrath Reloaded, this is an expansion mod for C&C3 Tiberium Wars, not Kane's Wrath. If it were a mod in Kane's Wrath, that WrathEd 2.0 would have been released for better mod compilation in which I was relying for, but it hadn't even happened yet in the last few years. Unfortunately with limited functionality and tons of issues with coding and scripting with WrathEd, the expansion mod will not be in Kane's Wrath. There had been some users who had been asking to know whether my Kane's Wrath Reloaded mod is a Kane's Wrath mod. It was back then, but then it was canceled after several failed experimentations. Only the C&C3 mod version actually changed the differences from KW.

2) Will there be skirmish AI for all factions?
Once again, just like Kane's Wrath Reloaded, all sub-factions will not have skirmish AI unless this is a mod for Kane's Wrath, but this is an expansion mod for C&C3 Tiberium Wars which doesn't seem to have the ability to add in extra code for skirmish AI to work for all factions. However though, The Forgotten that previously had skirmish AI working from their mod will have its AI enabled in this expansion mod, all thanks to the guys from CNCLabs. Therefore only four main factions will have AI.

3) So why change its original name to Tacitus Revolution?
The original name was titled C&C3 Tacitus' Prophecy derived from Nathan Maes' C&C3 fan boxart for the unofficial second expansion pack. The term of the "Tacitus prophecy" stays as part of the story, and so the word "revolution" was born. Like the Matrix movie series, there was "reloaded" and there was a "revolution". Since the creator of the boxart never responded to my emails for granting permission, this was changed to prevent copyright title infringement.

4) Why 14 factions?
Well you have the following full names of the 14 factions (this is far bigger than Zero Hour):
Global Defense Initiative (vanilla class)
Steel Talons (offense class)
Zone Ops Command (defense class)
Global Air Force (support class)
Brotherhood of Nod (vanilla class)
LEGION (offense class)
Special Recon Forces (defense class)
Noble Air Force (support class)
Alien Scrin (vanilla class)
Reaper-17 (offense class)
Shield-98 (defense class)
Traveler-59 (support class)
GDI Russia (vanilla class)
The Forgotten (aka Mutant -- vanilla class)

There are also five other custom factions as an alliance of sorts:
Trio Alliance (composed of GDI, NOD and Scrin)
Forgotten Alliance (composed of GDI, Forgotten and Russia)
GDI Trio (composed of ST, ZOCOM and GAF)
NOD Trio (composed of LEGION, SRF and NAF)
Scrin Trio (composed of Reaper17, Shield98 and Traveler59)

On some variances, classes of factions can work together in tougher missions and especially in a brutal multiplayer game.

5) Why bring in The Forgotten and Russia factions?
The mutant Forgotten (and Russia) will play an important part in the SP campaign(s). The Forgotten will be the same old faction used in The Forgotten mod that CNCLabs had developed. Additional units will be put there. The multiupgrade center that was once a neutral capturable structure will be now a tier-5 structure for the Forgotten to unlock even better tier-5 units, upgrades and support powers. An epic unit for the Forgotten is still to be determined.

As for Russia, most of the GDI structures will remain there. The Radar Dome, Psychic Tower, Spy Satellite and Missile Silo will replace some GDI structures. The Missile Silo will be armed with a nuke and thus no Ion Control center for this faction. Additional units from the Red Alert era will be in this faction as well. An epic unit for the Russian faction is still to be determined.

6) Why the new design changes in-game?
While this expansion game isn't all total-conversion, the vanilla units and structures in C&C3/KW remain the same, but there are a few things to point out:
1) The purple theme was used to reflect the expansion mod regarding the Scrin.
2) For the better sky textures and zooming camera, that is something EA should have improved (especially for cinematics) since C&C Generals.
2) For the in-game, the radar and build command bar were moved on the bottom screen, much like C&C Generals. However, the changed look does not change the basis of the game.

7) Is this unofficial expansion pack the final C&C game in the series?
Not really, but it really should end the Tiberian era. More of this will be explained later since it's too early to bring out the spoilers on how C&C3 Tacitus Revolution (not C&C4 Tiberian Twilight) should have ended.

8) If Shogun Executioner is in-game, will another Empire unit be in it?
Well I mentioned Alma for the Scrin, so why out bring in Yuriko Omega from the Empire? She wasn't terminated in RA3. Imagine Kane's new army consisting of Kane himself, Yuriko and Alma by his side and behind him is the big Shogun Executioner.

9) Why the GDI heroes?
Oh, you mean the intro on the top of the mod page? Like on how Blizzard did in Warcraft III and Starcraft II, there is at least one hero at the beginning of a mission. Only the GDI missions will have something like this. Without heroes, the expansion mod is meaningless. There are no other NOD and Scrin heroes unfortunately, except Kane and the Alma Prodigy.

To reflect the new GDI heroes....
-- McNeil (the new GDI general and later field marshal) is the grandson of Michael McNeil. He was to become the new hero from the alien second invasion to the end of the fourth Tiberium War.
-- Sheppard (the GDI Commando) is related to General Sheppard back from the first Tiberium War in C&C95 and is the great-grandson of the original Sheppard.
-- Parker (the GDI synthetic commando) is related to Nick "Havoc" Parker from C&C Renegade and is the great-grandson of the original Parker. Due to grave injuries, he became partially synthetic and his abilities were similar to what Adam Jensen and JC Denton became in the Deus Ex series. He was then a spy to help Kane in C&C4 to stop an incursion war, but he died at the end of the fourth Tiberium War when Kane and his followers went through the active portal.
-- Price (the sniper) is not related to John Price in the Call of Duty series. He was a supportive unit throughtout the campaign.
-- Raynor (the Enforcer) is not related to James (Jim) Raynor in the Starcraft series. He was a supportive unit throughtout the campaign.
-- Vega (the Zone Stalker) refers to a ZOCOM commando mentioned in the Intel DB from Kane's Wrath. He was involved in the alien second invasion. His full name is Ricardo Vega, not related to the villan Vega in Tiberian Sun.
-- Adams (the Zone Raider) is a descendant to Tanya Adams from the Red Alert series. She's the sixth generation of the Adams family. She worked with Vega and ZOCOM.

10) Will all civilian assets from C&C4 and RA3 be in this expansion mod?
While all terrains from C&C4, RA3, C&C Generals and BFME were imported, only the selected usable civilian assets will be in the mod. However, all ambient sounds, roads, rocks and shrubbery from C&C4 and RA3 will be in this expansion mod for map creation in the Worldbuilder. Only the selected ambients from C&C Generals/Zero Hour will be in it as well. Probably the most difficult imports will be the TCM pipes and the ramps from C&C4.


would be cool like a Cabal subfaction could be here
Cabal core defender could definitely look cool in this mod

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It would be cool if he released Beta version!

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In my mind, CABAL/LEGION is a heavily defensive, not offensive faction.

Remember the Obelisk of Darkness, the CABAL Obelisk, the always-on Firestorm defense, and of course, the Core Defender...

It seemed to love megalithic bunkers, impenetrable defenses, and indestructible mechs.

However, it would lose if the Core was destroyed-

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I loved Kane's Reloaded, it's a great mod. But please, make more Nod heroes, it would be grat to see more of them. Maybe not many as GDI has, but at least a half of it's number. If there is McNeils grandson, so it would be Anton Slavik's grandson as well. Think about it ;)

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Just registered to upvote this comment.

Yeah,Nod heroes (villains?) would be awesome.If Nod gets their own heroes I can imagine one of them being part of the (ex?)Black hand.

(ex?)Black hand is awesome.

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Hello there. im new i was wondering if someone could answer some questions?

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